SoGE is a Star Wars Total Conversion for SoaSE: Rebellion with it's roots in the Homeworld 2 mod Star Wars: Warlords which features the two primarily sides of the Galactic Civil War, the Clone Wars, and the Yuuzhan Vong War. The current public version works for Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion 1.82/1.83 and, with or without, all DLC. Rated #6 players choice in MOTY 2014. An editors choice in MOTY 2015.

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I mean it started up good, i guess in multiplayer it works fine but the game is made of two parts singleplayer and multiplayer and this mod simply ***** up the singleplayer game mode at least for me, completly unfair AI, not needed AI bonuses (like full research at the very begining of the freaking game, ability to use both supercaps while you can use only one, increased incomes) those all factors allow AI to have supercaps while you're still getting your base up. the last update was supposed to fix it, i guess? I seen a point stating that in the update they deacreased the AI buffs and deacresed the AI's dificulty but i have not even seen the diference between 4.1 and 4.0, before i rated it to 7/10 just to not be too harsh but seriously while it's good at multi probably, it sucks on the second part of the game and that's why i'm giving it 5/10

and one thing (mod devs covering the AI with saying that the AI is just dumb and it throws units randomly, that's why we made it unfair) the situation with AI and model size where here all along probably but apparently no one is able or wants to change it even with the god damn add-on instead the only one is to make AI even harder.

yet still if you're not playing this game for single player like i do this mod is awesome go get it now molti 9/10 single 4/10 overall i'm giving it 5/10 because it's still half of the game completly wrong for me.

I will have to agree with some of the other reviewers here. The super tiny ships take away from the work put into the ships not to mention the fighters. I would be nice to see the actual space battles and not zoom in only to find my capital ship firing at clip-art in the distance.

The battles themselves seem to be well done haven't felt at a total disadvantage for any side i have played. lots of fire going between ships to make for a good show. some of the smaller ships however take damage so quickly its hard to get them out before they pop.

I like the variety of planets that the player can come across at the fortress worlds with large militia ships makes for a nice challenge outside of the run of the mill pirate base.

when zooming from star system to star system because the icons have all been removed its a task to pick out which star is actually part of the game and not part of the pretty background not to mention you have to check each star to see where allies may or may not be instead of a quick scroll out glace to find out who is where, other missing indicators leave my hunting for the info that show be readily available.

Ship roster for some of the factions like the CIS makes the faction feel a little thin and eventually results in the same 3 ships being built in mass.

So here is my score
+10 because its starwars and you did a really good job getting in all the iconic ships and nifty planets
-1 for small ships
-1 for visual icons and identifiers missing.
-1 for ship roster for some factions

awesome complete overhaul modification i like the unit cap and just that all the star wars era's are here, only thing is the team needs to bring back the old republic faction they had at one point in time and finish it.

An utterly fun and fantastic work of art! Expansive and long lasting; loads of units means maximum replay-ability! I cannot thank the creators enough for the hard work and effort that has gone into this game!

Awesome mod, I love the ship models and the memories that it brings of Star Wars Rebellion, way better than Empire at War.

There are a few things but nothing can be perfect. It is true that the large number of cap ships is different to any other game, but in the star wars universe there were many Star Destroyers or Venators cruising the star systems so it fits, you just have to change your strategy. It's not realistic to have 6 Venators holding the galaxy in line. In Star Wars Rebellion I could easily make one fleet of 100 star destroyers, I even had 3 Death Stars and it all went well, granted this is not that game but the ship scale mimics it.

I have noticed that frame rate goes down after 4 hours of gameplay. I was playing in a 91 planet map with 6 players and then tested a small map of 2 players. The frame rate mostly goes down due to all the ships because the small map ran smoothly the entire time. I upgraded to more ram and this fixed the problem.

Overall this is a great mod, one that I will continue to play for a long time.

First of all, the look of this game is good. Very good. This immediately brings back fond memories of Empire at War and the STvsSW mod for Star Trek: Armada. Lots of lore friendly ships and techs, the models are gorgeous, the music works quite well, and in the first hour of play I thought "This is a strategy game worthy of Star Wars."

However. There are some glaring, mind blowing flaws.

First of all, the lack of a cap on capital ships is one of the most insanely stupid design decisions I've seen in a game. There's no reason for it and it completely breaks fleet composition. I have zero incentive to build anything other than capital ships and that's exactly what happens every time. Build an super cap, spam capital ships, steam roll. Stupid, stupid, *stupid* decision to engineer it this way. The developers are clearly not smart enough to have made such a radical change in how Sins behaves successfully.

Second, I like the idea of these super planets with a huge number of logistics or tactical slots, but they do break the economy a bit. They need to be less common. One per star system max, not every third planet. Tweak them or tweak the rest of the economy to make it work.

Third, the scale of the units. Yeah, I like realism. Its my first complaint in a lot of games, that they're just cartoonishly unrealistic. But you have gorgeous ship models and Star Wars is a very visual world. Let me see it, I'm begging you. I get that that isn't really compatible with having ships properly sized relative to each other, but there has to be a happy medium. I'm okay with it if the Executor is only 2-3x the size of an ISD instead of 16x if that means I can actually see the ships.

Fourth, I don't know what exactly causes it, but after about an hour of play, the frame rate for this game goes to single digits and comes to a grinding halt. I don't know if its just a lack of optimization on the part of the mod, or if there's too many units or what, but this means I get a couple hours max of good, star wars combat conquering neutral planets and then its time to start a new game or go do something else because the game becomes unplayable. Stop whatever you're working on for the mod right now and fix this issue first because it completely and utterly ruins what is an otherwise stellar effort.

That last issue is why this gets a 1 star. I'd give it an 8 or 9 but since I can't actually play a game to completion, this mod might as well not exist.

Didn't think I'd like this, however addicted. A few minor changes and this would be as good as SOTP and STA3. CIS is pretty amazing, Pity all the Empire capitals are the same. And there are some ships that don't seem to fit the Republic. But all in all awesome

Best Star Wars strategy mod I have ever seen. Approaching studio-level quality. Nothing compares to the feeling of descending on planets, one-by-one, with an unstoppable fleet of the Empire's finest Star Destroyers.

Great, polished mod...but not without flaws.

To keep it short, it's the AI. I'm not sure why, or how, but it seems to be either night or day with the difficulty. On Easy, it seems like it dosen't even try, but on normal holy christ...a blob of cap ships will be on your front lawn within like 30 mins of a game. Also, the AI per race seems a bit off, as some races are easier on normal, compared to others (CIS is hard as frack, while Rebels are ok)

Other than that the units, graphics, art etc are fantastic. Major thumbs up to the team that worked on this mod, it's fantastic.

Very good Star Wars conversion overall. Well optimized too - I get less lag in the late game than the stock game and most other mods, even with massive fleets of Star Destroyers. Planet sizes have been scaled up significantly, making them feel massive like they should, and ships are faster across the board to compensate. Culture and culture stations are quite important, and the limit on capital ships is removed (though the more advanced ones can be quite expensive to prevent spamming).
Playable factions include those from the movies: the Republic, CIS, Rebel Alliance, Empire, and two from lore: The Yuzaan Vong Empire and the New Republic. All have their own ship lineups, strengths and weaknesses - for example, the Republic capital ships are fast, rather fragile and can field huge numbers of fighters and bombers, while Imperial Star Destroyers are very powerful all around, but expensive and with rather weak fighter support. The AI plays each race well and can be quite a fearsome opponent. Combat is much faster and more decisive than the stock game due to the (almost) removal of shield mitigation.
The only area for improvement I see is in making each faction a little more unique. As it is, there is almost no variation in Military Research trees between factions, and support frigates for the most part are simply reskins from faction to faction.
Overall a very fun, well made and beautiful conversion.
9 / 10 great job guys and I can't wait to see what comes with future updates

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