Sims 2 - Bonus Content Pack I BETA EDITION: This 'Modification' or Bonus Pack will firstly be released first as a BETA. I am now openly accepting any testers, but please note due to feedback purposes I will limit them to a maximum of 20. If you want to BETA test this release and give feedback on it e-mail me at - PLEASE NOTE: Spam or abusive e-mails will NOT be tolerated. About this pack: This Bonus Pack is intended to give the player more control over features like building and customising their Sims & Properties. It is intended to give the player more choice over what there is available to purchase, furthermore enhancing and making the game play 'unique'. In total this Pack will contain 756 tweeks and objects. Supported Operating Systems: This modification works on: * Windows XP * Windows Vista - All versions Other Operating Systems remain, at this stage, untested. Whats New: The following have been added: * New clothes for the player to choose from * Unique Objects...

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