It's not my mod.its just a mix.All credits go to ThoRCX.I just add some features. Features -Silent Hill Mod Levels -Resident Evil-like aiming. -New Enemies (Skins and AI) -New Blood decals (Silent Hill Textures mod) -New HUD -New menu -New Soundtrack (Used Silent Hill 3 OST) -No Bullet Time -New gameplay -New Player Model -New scenario -New loading screens

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I laughed when all I had to do was jump on the dog's head to get to the Hotel, bouncing my way to the next embarrassing section of this offense to the Silent Hill universe. Now that's curbside service, which is right where this mod belongs. Heather looks like she sprayed mace on her armpits and has a stick up her ***. Another thing: Have someone who speaks proper English spell check the game to "awoid" grammatical errors. A point for graphics, one for the sound and another for the laugh.

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