Sikkmod is a general enhancement mod for id Software's 2004 FPS: Doom 3 and its expansion pack: Resurrection of Evil. Its main purposes are to update visuals of Doom 3 to a more modern level and to allow the user to customize various aspects of the game to suit their preferred styles all while maintaining the core mechanics and aesthetics originally put in by id Software. The mod also includes a number of fixes to and better organization of stock files in order to create a clean and more stable base for future mods

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Excellent MOD! It truly makes Doom 3 look like a modern engine game...

This mod is the best I've come across. My only disappointments with it were the Chainsaw's consumption of Plasma Cells and the substantial increase in enemy health. What I did to remedy these was change the Chainsaw's properties back to their default values as well as some other weapon modifications such as the Chaingun and Plasma Gun's firing speed. I also increased the ammunition found within weapon pickups as well as their large ammunition pickup capacities. I feel by doing this it's alot better of a solution than to have the enemy's health values reset. Enemies are too easy by default and this provides a comfortable balance.


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