The Republic! a rising power to be feared by all. The Romani war machine has stained the Italic peninsular with blood and now turns it's gaze upon the riches of Carthage. Long held treaties have been torn to shreds, the dogs of war unleashed. The Romani must adopt a policy of total annihilation of the Carthaginian's to gain victory, and this in the shadow of the powerful rulers of Syrakousai who will be waiting for a sign of weakness to make their own claim to Sicilia!.

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Sep 9th, 2013
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Sicilia is contained within it's own mod folder and will not affect your RTW install. It must be installed on a clean version of RTW, it will not work on a pre modded version of RTW. Sicilia is an RTW 1.5 mod. 1;Download Sicilia installer to your system and run it. 2;Make a copy of your RTW exe, (right click 'create short cut.') 3; right click over your new short cut, select 'properties'. When the properties box comes up change the target line to. "C:\Program Files\Activision\Rome - Total War\RomeTW.exe" -show_err -mod:Sicilia -nm Please note of you have Vista or Wnidows 7 you need to turn off the UAC.. Also note that if you have one of those OS you'll need to direct the installer to where you have RTW installed and not the automatic option. And alter the path for the exec accordingly.. I think the address below is correct.. C:\Program Files (x86)\The Creative Assembly\Rome - Total War\RomeTW.exe" -show_err -mod:Sicilia -nm

Recommended settings.

Romani; M/VH

Syrakousai; H/VH

Karthadastim; VH/VH

Sicilia has a 12 turns per year script, to activate the script simply click on one of your settlements at the start of your game and follow the advisor's instructions.

Play the mod..


Halie Satanus; All unit models and textures, 2d artwork and coding.

Uranos; A revised version of the unreleased Hegemonia Sicily map.

Aradan; Untiring support and help (as well as tweaks I know nothing about) .

Official Forum.

Open source contributions;

Riczu; for his strat map ship mod which is excellent.

Pinarius; realistic horses, first time I've used them and they are beautiful.

SigniferOne; animations pack. 0.8, excellent pack which really makes a difference..

HouseOfHam; Big thanks for the turns per year script generator..

Major thanks to team 'EB' and specifically those who contributed to their web site, a supremely wonderful resource in itself, which I used as a basis for my unit names and descriptions.


By the middle of the 3rd century BC the Romans had secured the whole of the Italian Peninsula and the enemies which had once threatened their very existence had been overcome. Over the course of the preceding one hundred years, Rome had crushed every rival that stood in the way of their domination of the Italian peninsula, first the Latin league was forcibly dissolved during the Latin War, then the power of the Samnites was decisively broken during the three prolonged Samnite wars, and most dramatically the Greek cities of Magna Graecia who were unified under the powerful and ambitious Pyrrhus of Epirus finally submitted to Roman authority at the conclusion of the Pyrrhic War.

Carthage considered itself the dominant naval power in the Western Mediterranean. It originated as a Phoenician colony in Africa, near modern Tunis, and gradually became the center of a civilization whose hegemony reached along the North African coast and deep in its hinterland, covering large parts of the islands of the Western Mediterranean and influencing the Iberian peninsula. The conflict began after both Rome and Carthage intervened in Messana, the point of Sicily closest to Italy.


In 288 BC the Mamertines -- a group of Italian (Campanian) mercenaries originally hired by Agathocles of Syracuse from 317 to 289 BC -- occupied the city of Messana -- modern Messina-- in the northeastern tip of Sicily, killing all the men and taking the women as their wives. At the same time a group of Roman troops made up of Campanian "citizens without the vote" also seized control of Rhegium, which lies across the straits in Italy. In 270 BC the Romans regained control of Rhegium and severely punished the survivors of the revolt. In Sicily the Mamertines ravaged the countryside and collided with the expanding regional empire of the independent city of Syracuse. Hiero II, tyrant of Syracuse, defeated the Mamertines near Mylae on the Longanus River and besieged Messana.

Following the defeat at the river Longanus the Mamertines appealed to both Rome and Carthage for assistance, and acting first the Carthaginians approached Hiero to take no further action and convinced the Mamertines to accept a Carthaginian garrison in Messana. Either unhappy with the prospect of a Carthaginian garrison, or convinced that the recent alliance between Rome and Carthage against Pyrrhus reflected cordial relations between the two, the Mamertines petitioned Rome for an alliance, hoping for more reliable protection. At first, the Romans did not wish to come to the aid of soldiers who had unjustly stolen a city from its rightful possessors, and were still recovering from the insurrection of Campanian troops at (Rhegium, 271).

Most likely unwilling to see Carthaginian power spread farther over Sicily and get too close to Italy, Rome responded by entering into an alliance with the Mamertines. In 264 BC, Roman troops were deployed to Sicily (the first time a Roman army acted outside the Italian Peninsula). Under the command of Appius Claudius Caudex two Roman legions were transported across the straits on pentekonters (ships with 25 oars on each side) and triremes borrowed from allies in Southern Italy. Following minor skirmishes, during which Hiero withdrew back to Syracuse, the Romans sent both consuls and two more legions to Sicily in the years 263 and 262 BC. The arrival of these troops influenced many towns to defect to the Roman side and eventually even Hiero decided to conclude a peace with the Romans. Under the initial 15 year agreement Syracuse was allowed to stay independent under the rule of Hiero but was forced to pay an indemnity of 100 talents (according to the historian Polybios). Soon enough the only parties in the dispute were Rome and Carthage and the conflict evolved into a struggle for the possession of Sicily.

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