This is a weapons demo I built for Dr. Shadowborg's Shub-Fusion mod. It's got some interesting weapons in it, including a functional Flak Cannon (UT style), UT bio rifle, and various weapons from Jeht, which have been converted over to be easier to add to a mod. Weapons: 1. Blood Axe: This axe will vampire 100% of the damage you inflict on enemies, meaning you heal 30 health for doing 30 damage. Alt- Wellspring: Absorb the life from enemies far away. You will not be able to walk while doing this, but you can jump around to avoid attacks somewhat. 2. Bio Rifle: The UT-style sludge gun that tends to make a mess. The blobs will stick to most surfaces and stay their to do damage until they pop. Alt- Charge: Loads up to 10 ammo and fires a large blob when the button is released. The blob will do extreme damage to anyone it hits; or, if it hits a wall, will explode into multiple smaller blobs. 3. Full-Choke Shotgun: A deadly weapon that will mow down opponents with little trouble....

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Aug 21st, 2012

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Jul 26th, 2011

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