"Removing the suck from Deus Ex." It's an odd slogan, but that's what Shifter does, what little of it there is. In my opinion anyway. A little mod that started off as an effort to get the damn laser sight to turn on automatically now includes additional augmentations, unique weapons, new game mechanics, bugfixes, restored game content, and even a complete and working alt-fire option for almost every weapon. All of this, seamlessly integrated into the existing game, capable of running simultaneously with almost any other Deus Ex mod. Play your favorite mod, then play it again, "Shifter-ized".

For those of you who are sticklers for actual, quantifiable advantages, here are a few features which Shifter brings to Deus Ex:

  • "Replacable" Augmentations: Find a new aug you just have to have? Now you can replace an existing augmentation with one found in an augmentation canister. Just use a medical bot to install it, like you would with any other augmentation.

  • New/Better Augmentations: In unmodified Deus Ex, many of the augmentations were of limited to no value, or only useful in very specific situations. Shifter attempts to rectify this by modifying how some of these augs work (like Microfibral Muscle) or by replacing them completely with new, superior augs. (like Electrostatic Discharge)

  • Alt-Fire: Long since overdue, most weapons in Deus Ex now have alt-fire modes, accessed through a separate alt-fire key. Now you can unleash a napalm bomb from your Flamethrower, or throw those ever-so-common Combat Knives at unsuspecting NPCs. For weapons without alt-fire, the button doubles as a scope toggle key.

  • Unique Weapons: Scattered throughout the game in key locations are new and ever-so-deadly weapons. These weapons are unique, and only appear in that one location, nowhere else, to balance their power.

  • Random NPC Inventory: In a realistic setting one would never be able to say for certain what a random passerby on the street might have on them. Shifter incorporates this into Deus Ex, giving NPCs hostile, neutral and friendly alike randomly determined items. Perhaps nothing more than some extra credits, perhaps some food or cigarettes, but maybe even a contraband substance or weapon.

  • Additional Skill System: It seems somewhat unfair that a player is not rewarded with skill points for some acts of true skill, feats like defeating a room full of MiBs, or perhaps walking within just a few feet of them without being detected. Either way, combat or stealth, players are now rewarded for their feats of skill.

  • Deadlier NPCs: Many of the additions made to Shifter would seem to shift the balance of power almost exclusively to the player. To counteract this, NPC AI and skill has been upgraded. Enemies shoot better, aim quicker, and dodge faster. Never underestimate a Shifter NPC. (Well, when I finish all the AI tweaks, anyway. :P)

I've spent far more time on this mod than any other project I've ever undertaken, and I don't see myself stopping anytime soon. I may get distracted from time to time, or be mostly happy with a release only to find a few flaws in it several months down the road, but I will never abandon the mod. The day I stop maintaining Shifter is the day after the Deus Ex modding community officially dies.

For those of you who are brave, check out my Savefile Project Folder from time to time. It's where I store various "snapshot" builds of Shifter as I add features between releases. You'll get to play with new goodies between the official releases, at the slight cost of having to deal with possible bugs, crash-tacular errors, and other beta-esque things.

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Choices, choices.... Watch your step... Fun with Combat Knives
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8 comments by Y|yukichigai on Jul 27th, 2013

Yep, I'm back. Short version is, HDTP issued a beta release and I needed to update Shifter to take advantage of it. Of course it took me damn near half a year to do it, but still, it got done in the end. There's a v1.9 Release Candidate going up in the download section. If nobody finds any major bugs in it, it'll become the official v1.9 release.

Oh, and as for what I've been doing? Long, long story involving herniated discs. But coding, as always, and a little bit of fragging. I do play Borderlands 2 now for those of you who have my Steam ID, but I also make sure to keep up on the classics like Deus Ex.

And a slightly funny story to share: part of the reason why this update took me so long was that I ran into some technical difficulties that necessitated me reinstalling Deus Ex. Why is that funny? Because that's the first time I've had to do that since I originally installed the game. Deus Ex is such an uncomplicated install that it relies on no registry settings or other such nonsense, a point in its favor if you ask me. That means I've been able to just copy the game install from hard drive to hard drive as I switch computers. Not only that, I've had the game since just a few months after its initial release, before the v1112fm patch even. For those of you who don't want to do the math there, that means I've been using the same install of Deus Ex for thirteen years. Thirteen! I know people say the game holds up well, but I don't think they meant in that way.

So yes, little bit of humor there for you. I've finally had to resort to using the Steam version as my primary testing/gameplay install of the game. That's probably not a bad thing since I would guess it's what version the majority of Deus Ex players use these days.

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Shifter v1.9 RC1

Shifter v1.9 RC1

Aug 13, 2013 Full Version 18 comments

Another release candidate for v1.9. This version removes some demo-detection code which was causing issues for some users when trying to start a new game...

Texture Pack BETA

Texture Pack BETA

Feb 5, 2012 Patch 9 comments

Quick and dirty readme... To "install" this pack, just drop it into your DeusEx\System folder. That's it. Gives textures for the RoF mod, light rocket...

Shifter v1.8.4

Shifter v1.8.4

Feb 1, 2011 Full Version 15 comments

This is just a quick and dirty release of Shifter v1.8.4. At least, it's probably Shifter v1.8.4. It's stable, it has a number of changes (mostly bugfixes...

Post comment Comments  (220 - 230 of 266)
Zip_Lightning Feb 26 2008 says:

I didn't like this mod at all.

Firstly it's buggy. Played it for 10 minutes, got to the com van only to find my inventory was totally empty. My tool belt was OK though......Still, pretty much game over.

Secondly, I got skill points deducted for killing a friendly UNATCO at the start. Are you serious? How can you dictate to me what is right or wrong in this game? (obviously you think it's wrong to kill these guys, even though you kill dozens of them later on). I sometimes like to play Deus Ex in "Psycho mode" (IE killing everybody), not a chance with this mod! Also its kind of stupid, how could I lose skill from killing anybody? Good or bad it wouldn't matter.

A good example is killing everybody in the medical centre in Hell's kitchen. This is REALLY hard to do as people will magically disappear. It takes a lot of skill to do, but I doubt I'd be rewarded for it using Shifter. :-D

The original was well balanced IMO....."if it ain't broke, don't fix it"

0 votes     reply to comment
JC_Fenix Feb 26 2008 replied:

Never heard of that problem, all I can think of is maybe you died and started a new game. There was supposed to be a fix so that your inventory wouldn't carry over and screw up the new game.

As for killing allies... Who cares? You're not supposed to kill them(except for maybe the UNATCO at the NSF HQ, but I like setting traps so they die shortly after turning on me.), You can still knock them out without losing skill points, and I'm pretty sure the skill points lost are cut in half. If it's really a big deal, go turn a med bot hostile to you, and kill it for 40 skill points. TADA! you got your skill points back.

You might try Shifter Plus though. Someone who shared your complaint made it, so it doesn't punish you for killing allies.

Personally I'm fine with losing skill points for killing allies. Shifter already makes the game more combat oriented, if you were rewarded, or weren't punished for killing allies it'd be just like a stupid RPG; killing everyone and everything for the all might "experience points", and items. You can still get skill points from allies by making them hostile like I said, but this way there's a downfall to it, if you don't have the "skill" and patience to take out a ready willing, and hostile opponent.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Zip_Lightning Feb 27 2008 replied:

No, I started a new game from a fresh install (GOTY) and like I said my tool belt was OK but inventory was invisible......has noting to do with dying!

As for killing allies you say "who cares?", well I do! You also say "you're not supposed to kill them"

Oh Really?

Tell me then, why when you kill the UNATCO soldier at the top of the Statue of Liberty does Manderly question you about it? (and you reply with something funny like "friendly fire"). I guess NOBODY was supposed to hear that conversation because we're not supposed to kill allies. It's pretty obvious that you've never heard it and I guess you play the game the same way, time after time.....yawn!

I think you misunderstand me anyway, I don't kill everybody for skill points (like a stupid RPG as you state), I do it for fun! :-P
Killing everybody in some parts of this game is almost like a puzzle, and even more so in Invisible war.

Thanks for the link anyway, I'll check out Shifter's evil twin ;-)

0 votes     reply to comment
JC_Fenix Feb 27 2008 replied:

Nah, I've done it... I just knock him out though, because I'm nice. :)
And I play differently every once in a while, just did a stealth run where I tried to kill as many enemies as possible without getting skill points for it.(you get "stealth skill points" for when you aren't detected by someone or when someone dies and you don't get credit for it.) Quite puzzling in its self, setting up traps, hiding from enemies, etc.

I'm actually thinking of doing a "Gunther Hermann, killing machine" playthrough next. The only problem is how disorienting using the Gunther Hermann model is...

Invisible war... You mean like the glitch where you kill Billie with a shower? I also enjoyed killing the scientist, AND getting the mag-rail, as well as killing almost all the Omar, and never getting punished for it. So, yeah I have a decent blood lust too :-P

Anyway, Shifter plus was made off of the old 1.7.2 Shifter version. The guy that made it said he was going to update it now that 1.8 is out, but that might be a while.

As for your glitch, I honestly don't know; I've never had it, never heard of anyone else having, and Yuki has never found it as far as I know. If you happen to play again, and it happens again, go in your
C:\DeusEx\System folder, and look in the text file called Deusex(not the one with the cog on it, the regular old text file). That's your log, and if you give yuki any of the warnings/errors in that log, and/or send him your save he should be able to find the problem, and fix it.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Zip_Lightning Feb 28 2008 replied:

>enjoyed killing the scientist, AND getting the mag-rail,

Wow really? I honestly tried to do that a few times. Kudos to you! Was it something to do with a grenade? (and was there any special message?)

Anyway, I tried normal Shifter again and I think I have found the cause of the bug. It's fast to test, so try it.

I started the game with lockpicking upgraded once, found 1 lockpick and 1 multitool. I put the lockpick on toolbelt 7, and the multitool on 8.
The 1st door to unlock is the small shed with the medibot....

Here's the bug:- If you run out of lockpicks then instead of clearing it from the toolbelt it will create a copy of the multitool to the right of it! (so now it looks like you have two multitools in slot 7 and 8)If you drag this "free" MT over to your inventory it bugs out the game.

There you go, at least I helped a bit. ;-)

+2 votes     reply to comment
Y|yukichigai Creator
Y|yukichigai Feb 28 2008 replied:

Oh dammit, I just released v1.8.1 and here's a reasonably severe glitch to be fixed. :P

FYI, if you use the change ammo key you can cycle between lockpicks and multitools. Most Shifter players devote only one slot to lockpicks/multitools and switch accordingly. It's probably why nobody's noticed that issue before.

I'll issue a v1.8.2 with that fixed eventually. I'd do it right now but since I'm already gonna fix another bug I may as well wait for any others that pop up.

+1 vote   reply to comment
JC_Fenix Feb 28 2008 replied:

Nah, I just blocked the door, you don't need a grenade but a prox mine helps to block the door. Then all you have to do is open the case, but don't touch the mag-rail. Finally, go up kill the scientist, then get the Mag-rail(Takes a while since he has so much health.). Nothing special from it, but I think when I manged to get the mag-rail and then kill him Lin May said it was too late. Oh, and both factions give aug cannisters later, though I think you only actually get one.

As for the bug, it is actually one of the first ones I reported for the 1.8 betas:
I got it in the MJ12 lab though, and you mentioned your inventory "disappearing" so I didn't make the connection. I guess it didn't seem like much of a big deal since you can cycle LP/MT in Shifter, so not many people would have lock picks, and multiools in two slots. Maybe now that two people have reported it, Yuki will look into it. ;)

+1 vote     reply to comment
Y|yukichigai Creator
Y|yukichigai Feb 28 2008 replied:

I thought I'd fixed it actually, but there's a second bit of code which does the same thing that I'd overlooked. I've fixed it now but... bleh, why couldn't I have discovered this two days ago? :P

+1 vote   reply to comment
TheUnbeholden Feb 12 2008 says:

One day to go people, ive been saving my sperm for this... cause i want a massive ****** for my beloved shifter. Such a long wait, last release was 14th February last year. tomorrow it will be officially one year with out the mod, What time will it be released tomorrow i'm guessing 12:00pm or so once you've woken up, unless your working on it all night.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Metzger44 Feb 11 2008 says:

where the hell can i get the optional skins? cant find em in here or the page u posted

+1 vote     reply to comment
JC_Fenix Feb 11 2008 replied:


From what I've seen right now it's only:
The rate of fire mod, the magnum, ilaw ammo, and a few visible indications of multiplayer skins.

+1 vote     reply to comment
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