You wake up in a room and you have forgot everything so you struggle to find a way out, this mod has some tricky part to. You play as Robo, a student. As I said you hallucinate alot and can't remember what happend last night.

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Too many jumpscares. It comes to a point where the ambience doesn't even matter anymore because anyone would be scared as hell after 5 or 6 jumpscares in the face. Not nice. Heck, there is even a small room with 2 jumspcares in it and probably more, I don't know because I didn't finished it. One cannot pick anything up safety because there is always a jumpscare waiting and must of the time there it is.

In over 20 mods, this was the first one I refused to complete halfway. Sorry if this is your first mod or if I'm being to strict but I had enough with it.

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