A Coop Based team mod based around the story of Beercan the Jamaican beer can! The mod sees you completing objectives and slaughter all the monsters in sight with your team of... Red - Beercan's drug dealer who was conned by the Evil Mastermind and is seeking revenge... KB - BC's right hand man and great buddy agreed to help bc thwart Mastermind UltraLeek - Evidence of Mastermind's experiments, after the tests failed ultraLeek gained his own mind and seeks to destroy his creator The mod's features include: Steam based Platformer style thirdperson view All new maps/textures/sprites Crazy new monsters 15+ new weapons Some new sounds Lots more gameplay stuff! That's all for now check out the site for more details into the characters weapons and monsters!


Dec 22, 2005 8 comments

Merry xmas folks, under orders from the WTF god himself "Mr Hammy of Bob" Im releasing SDBC Xmas. This is a Xmassafied version of SDBC1 for...


Apr 11, 2005 0 comments

For all that have had the trouble with the download link it should be nox fixed Enjoy.. Msg me with any difficulties.

The Last Ever SDBC1

The Last Ever SDBC1

Mar 19, 2005 5 comments

Yes folks you read it right, now that jim has left for Real Life(tm) we can no longer fix the small bugs left in SDBC therefore I have personally decided...

SDBC Beta v3.0 released

Jul 17, 2004 2 comments

For all those who downloaded the corrupt exe that asks you for stuffteam.spr please download it from HERE and inster it into your sdbc/sprites directory...

SDBC: Coop Beta 3 approaching!

Jul 8, 2004 0 comments

Sex, Drugs and Beercan is nearing the release of it's amazing cooperative Beta 3! The StuffTeam recommends you check this out as the mod has progressed...

Red is here (as well as the new site)

May 3, 2004 6 comments

I have modelled and skinned red .. picture below (click to enlarge) Along with this news the site @ has been updated with the new revamped story and information...

Sex, Drugs & Beercan Beta 2.0

Sex, Drugs & Beercan Beta 2.0

Jan 21, 2004 5 comments

*Gasp* Finally I have compiled and uploaded the second beta (and a patch for others out there.) Here's some ads I made Here are some screenies to wet...


Oct 6, 2003 7 comments

The Beta 1.0 of Sex,Drugs and Beer-Can has been uploaded. The beta includes all the work we have done so far in the last three months. It obviously has...

Video people VID EE OH !!

Oct 2, 2003 7 comments

We have finally got some hosting thanks to amkern @ hl2hosting .com therefore we have uploaded a special demo video for u all its 3 mins long and 60 meg...

Beta Release

Sep 29, 2003 3 comments

There is soon to be a beta release of S,D&BC includin only a couple of maps (because not many maps are totally finished (all in fact) so wel will release...

Compo of Sorts

Aug 25, 2003 0 comments

Yo people we need you help here @ Sex , Drugs and Beer-Can(c) cos we are to busy slavin away makin you the perfect Comedy platformer Mod ever that we...

Big fat juicy update

Big fat juicy update

Aug 10, 2003 3 comments

Theres so much to update you i may forget so bare with me ok. Firstly ill start with my jobs ive dione there area few new monsters. the chomper, korn...

Te best monkey of all

Jul 14, 2003 3 comments

Folks biro/byro (working name) has landed as you can see in the below screen shots .. he will be S,D &BC's first boss monster ..and he is tough

New HUD (WIP) and a Disabled Eye ..!!

Jul 9, 2003 0 comments

This screen shot shows you the new health meter (top left) the new armour or Afrometer (top Right) and some of the new weapons and ammo symbols (the main...

*BANG*.*SPLAT*.*Pffft* ..Peew ew Who was that ??

Jul 2, 2003 0 comments

S,D & BC has had a big update with new features and screenies. Firstly you can see the new monster Garlique the melee monster with bad breath attack (yet...

Ewww Rats

Jun 29, 2003 0 comments

Ive done the latest Weapons model .. Rats . These are very similar to halflife squeaks . the squirm in your hand the jump all ove eniemies and you . there...

BC,s First Rival Leeek

Jun 26, 2003 0 comments

This is some screenies of BC's first enemie . the Leeek . this enemy is a melee type with three diffrent attacks left jab right jab and spin attack.

Beer Can Die .. but not without a fight.

Jun 25, 2003 0 comments

Heres four more IN game screen shots showing you Beer-Cans two new die animations and his two newest weapons , the Afro Taser and the trusty Baseball Bat

Beer Can In Game

Jun 24, 2003 4 comments

Beer can is now IN game as you can see below and has various animations. We are also working on a new hud system which can be seen soon and a few more...

BC is walking

Jun 17, 2003 0 comments

BC is now working in game with controllers although not as a player model .. just thought id let u know .. just 75 anims to go now We are also designing...


Jun 16, 2003 1 comment

Will U all welcome our Coder " Jim the Coder" *dances* I dont know if hes on moddb just thought id let u all know ..

BC has BOnes

Jun 16, 2003 0 comments

I have finally got BC to have bones in the game engine .. which now means i can start the 77 new animations for BC. Also we have got lilbrosan to start...

Story wrote out

Jun 9, 2003 0 comments

Check out the Homepage for half the griping story of This Mod. The about section has been updated with the full detailed(ish) story also the media page...

Beer Can Skinned!

Jun 7, 2003 0 comments

Our main Character Beer-Can has now been skinned by no other than me (UDS) we seem to be on course, we just NEED a coder, C'mon guys get replying!

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BC has BOnes Jun 16, 2003