Enjoy Age of Empires 2 in a new way and relive the Sengoku war on your favourite RTS.

Built on the upcoming Userpatch 1.5, there has never been a better time to play. New features in game will allow better multiplayer, more triggers and conditions, higher elevation levels, shore-less terrain placement and more.

  • Ten playable clans (for now): Oda, Takeda, Uesugi, Chosokabe, Date, Hojo, Mori, Shimazu, Toyotomi and Tokugawa.

  • A total re-skin of 99% of the trainable units, from warriors to monks and villagers, all with brand new appearances.

  • A new, unique and detailed Japanese building set replacing the generic Asian buildings. Extra buildings are also included in the editor, allowing players to recreate a realistic Japanese town.

  • Completely re-designed terrains to match the landscapes of Japan, including trees, cliffs, rocks and more!

  • New heroes, editor units and objects, eyecandies for scenario designers to create a living atmosphere.

View the project page on AOK Heaven or join our Discord for discussion.

Brought to you by Achesun, Sebastien, R_V_A and Carcoma .

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Hi guys,

Apologies for the lack of updates lately, and for the deleted main menu article.

The reason I deleted the previous article was because we've actually changed the main menu since then, thanks to a brand new painting by Rodion. We will cover this in the next showcase update.

Meanwhile, we're still working on this and have actually gone into more detail than ever before. For a start, we've looked at our previous Alpha version and decided to go back on a few things and reorganise the core game play before we focus on anything else.

We've decided to go ahead and implement bigger ideas and expand the scope of the mod. The reason for this is simply, we want a better experience for you and want it to be more unique and specific to the Sengoku period.

New additions:

- We've added a 5th resource; honour. This was something we had an idea for, but decided at the time it was too much work to implement. However, we've now decided to add it, as it really adds a crucial and fun part to the game which would have been more difficult to implement at a later stage.

The Sengoku period was a warring period, where retainers ranked up through fighting and winning battles for his clan. This will be represented in game by killing units to earn honour. You will need honour to rank up. Honour can also be earned in smaller amounts by building things and sending small gifts to the Emperor. This will mean, there will be more fighting in each age/rank.

- Re-worked blacksmith techs to improve functionality with different types of armour and weapons.

These now have Arrow-Line, Forging-Line for weapons, Do-Line for Samurai and Cavalry, Tatami-line for Ashigaru units and Cavalry archers and Nanban-do line for heroes.

- Implemented a new siege line which wasn't complete before and moved all siege units to the 'Daiku (Carpenter) Workshop'. This includes Taketaba, Siege Towers, Kamikosha and more.

- Moved all gunpowder units to the Teppo Foundry, which allows you to train gunpowder units wielding Tanegashima and Hiya-Zutsu, Horoku-dama throwers, various types of cannons and more.

- Two new boats added, the Sekibune and the Mekurabune.

- Added Heroes and 'wonder building'. Clans will now have access to Heroic units from the past. For example, Oda Clan will be able to train Oda Nobunaga. The wonder will also give you access to resource bonuses, increasing honour and the Ninja; a new unit which is designed to counter villagers and heroes.

- Completely new menu layout and design including new music and sounds.
- Completely new icons for everything in game, to create a Japanese feel.
- New interface sounds and other sounds for building placement, attack warning sounds and more.
- Increased resource cheat codes to 10,000 of each (not 1000).
- Added a 3rd build page to the villagers list, for fortifications or battlefield items.
- Fixed some bugs with palette, armour classes and AGE Unit ID numbers.

Of course, this isn't much of a showcase, but hopefully it gives you a better idea of what's coming. Stay tuned for a showcase update in the near future!



THIS IS AMAZING! Hope the mod will be realeased soon. LOVE THIS MOD! xD

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Sengoku_Sebastien Creator

Thanks for the kind words.

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This looks nice, but will you be able to make it for the HD Edition too?

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Sengoku_Sebastien Creator

Right now we're not actively planning on it, but that doesn't mean it's a no. It depends how extensively HD allows us to edit the .dat file. Also, all of the terrains will need to be redone to be compatible with HD.

Also, right now I'm waiting on any AOE2:DE announcements to see what the future options are.

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