This mod is focused on the Cold War and Second Great Galactic War of the TOR era, I will have fairly regular updates and news, and I am always happy to have some help so don't be afraid to ask.

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A list of ground units for the mod. Subject to change.

Posted by codeman99 on Jun 13th, 2013

Hey everyone just thought I might pop in and give you all an idea of what to expect for ground units in the mod. Side note this list is subject to change.

Imperial Soldiers
Imperial Special Forces
Imperial Heavy Trooper
Naval Marines
Chiss Soldiers
Sith Assault Walker
Bounty Hunters
Mandalorian Mercs
Imperial Intelligence Operative
Sith Warrior
DK-27 Guardian Droid
Sith War Droid Mk1
Sith War Droid Mk2
Sith Ravager Droid
Troop Transport Tank
Ground Interceptor
Imperial Officer
Imperial Guard

Republic Troopers
Republic Field Medics
Plex Troopers
Republic Commandos
Republic SpecForces
Balmorran Resistance
SIS Squad
Republic Walker Transport
Jedi Knights
Republic Assault Walker
Gurian Speeder
Firestorm Artillery Tank
Ground Talon Fighter
Republic Commander
Green Jedi
Wookie War Party
Rendaran Transport

Hutt Mercs
Mandalorian Commandos
Neo Crusader Troops
Ground Pirate Fighters
Nikto Pirates
Mandalorian Soldiers
Mandalorian Demo Troops
Scavenged Republic Vehicles
Bounty Hunters
Mandalorian Speeders
AR-34 Droids
Ground Basilisk
Mandalorian Tanks
Mercenary Commanders
Rakatan Warriors
Czerka Advanced Recon

Also on a side note i'm in need of a mapper who can make ground maps for galactic conquest. If you're interested then just PM me. Thanks

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Lazerbrain Jul 12 2013 says:

I love the mod but I'm having a hard time with only one thing: For some reason, playing as the sith I built the academy but no option to train Sith Warriors appears. Am I just missing a prerequisite or what? Much appreciated.

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codeman99 Author
codeman99 Jul 12 2013 replied:

No it just isn't available at the time, it will be in the next release though

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Lazerbrain Jul 19 2013 replied:

Thank you! Again, I love the mod so far keep it up!

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bubbuba Jul 28 2013 says:

Hey Codeman i absolutely LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your mod i wish i had modding skills so i could assist you on this amazing project however i am just wondering do you have a release date in mind.

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codeman99 Author
codeman99 Jul 28 2013 replied:

Not yet, but i expect it's going to be quite awhile, I know that's not what you want to hear but I want to make a really good release, so no set date yet

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bubbuba Jul 29 2013 replied:

Alright thank you now i dont have to check this site for any updates every five minutes, and as always keep up the AMAZING work i defiantly look forward to your final release!

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codeman99 Author
codeman99 Aug 3 2013 says:

Just letting you guys know, the Mandalorian Commandos with Mandalorian Gladiators

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bubbuba Aug 12 2013 says:

hows it comeing along

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codeman99 Author
codeman99 Aug 12 2013 says:

Well it's been on hold for the last month seeing as I had to take my computer in for repairs, but I should be getting it back today, and I've had A LOT of good ideas to work on once I've gotten my computer. How does the idea of Mandalorian Gladiators, Tuk'ata Packs, buildable Flagships, and more sound to you?

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bubbuba Aug 13 2013 replied:

FANTASTIC these ideas are adding plenty of depth to the SWTOR era galaxy

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umad41 Aug 22 2013 says:

Doesn't work with steam

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bubbuba Aug 22 2013 says:

uh yes it does

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