This mod is focused on the Cold War and Second Great Galactic War of the TOR era, I will have fairly regular updates and news, and I am always happy to have some help so don't be afraid to ask.

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Introducing more subfactions, beta testing for V0.8 and a new units list for space combat.

Posted by codeman99 on Feb 13th, 2013

Hi everyone, codeman99 here to announce that at the end of February SGGW V0.8 Beta Testing will begin. If you are interested in participating in the beta then either leave a comment or pm me.
On to content, in V0.8 there will be a total of 6 new subfactions (excluding the Rakghouls) for you to fight in the Second Great War. These factions all have either their own unique units, or a mix of units from other factions.
Rakatan Remnant
Dread Imperium
Directive 7
New Empire
Chevin Conglomerate
Black Sun
Certain factions have 1 or 2 heroes, some do not. Also some faction's planets offer unique units to players of either the Empire the Republic or the Mandalorians.
Also a more up to date list of space units that will all eventually be in the mod, not all of these will be in V0.8 though.

Sith Troop Transport
Sith Fighter
Sith Interceptor
Sith Bomber
Terminus Destroyer
Oppressor Cruiser
Adegan Stealth Fleet
Harrower Battlecruiser
Sith Fury Fighter
Rakatan Paladin

Aurek Fighter
Talon Fighter
Raven Bomber
Republic Gunship
Valor Dreadnaught
Killik Dartship

Scavenged Fighters
Davaab Fighter
Hutt Cruiser
Stolen Terminus
Jehavey Frigate
Light Mando Cruiser
Heavy Mando Cruiser

More content will also be in V0.8 such as the new world Belsavis, the Republic Prison Planet. Also a trade route of empty space to have fleets fight each other without the assistance of a space station. What else that will be new is new projectiles and skydomes courtesy of the_Farseer. As always SGGW is still recruiting for help with developing the mod, mainly modelers are needed, but anybody else is welcome to pitch in. One last note, the picture for this article is a little hint as to what type of unit I plan on introducing into the mod, whoever pm's me first with the correct answer will receive a special prize.

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FlashMC Feb 13 2013 says:

I am ready to take part in beta Testing

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kaos2222 Feb 13 2013 says:

Me to :). And you have my mail, to mail the beta, if you still want me to test it :)

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codeman99 Author
codeman99 Feb 13 2013 says:

I'd be happy to have you both as beta testers, FlashMC could you pm your email?

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FlashMC Feb 14 2013 replied:

I right email in private

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ImpKalis Online
ImpKalis Feb 13 2013 says:

Shouldn't the Black Sun be replaced with the Hutts since they are only a gang on Coruscant at this time period and the Hutts are a criminal superpower? They would also make a great fourth playable faction if you are able to do that. Wasn't the Gozanti cruiser Galactic Civil War era?

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codeman99 Author
codeman99 Feb 14 2013 replied:

Well you're playing with the Hutts in this mod, also 've only given Black Sun one planet and only a few units. As to the Gozanti it's technically only been seen early as the Clone Wars, but I always thought it looked older, plus i'm saying that these are advanced prototypes.

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Racq Feb 13 2013 says:

I would love to be a part of the beta. I'll send my email via message right now

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sithp Feb 15 2013 says:


But Mandalorians crusiers (light and heavy) are a simple boring and non-stylish, imho. it`s better for medium crusier for example.

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codeman99 Author
codeman99 Feb 15 2013 replied:

Perhaps, but I haven;t seen any models like it, and I don't want to just take a venator and rename it.

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sithp Feb 15 2013 replied:

Why not?)

Republic venator is copy of this mando crusier.

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codeman99 Author
codeman99 Feb 15 2013 replied:

Again I don't think so, besides the Mandos have more ships than the other factions as it is

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sithp Feb 16 2013 replied:

Ok)thanks for answer.

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mikey1871 Mar 9 2013 says:

Hey codeman99, i'd be happy to test your mod.

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pincuishin Mar 21 2013 says:

I would love to test this :)

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