With the Citadel on the verge of a catastrophic meltdown, Barney and Gordon Freeman are trying to escape City 17 when their plans take an unexpected detour.

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Short but fun. The voice actor for Barney did a great job too.

Gave it an 8, but would havw wanted to give it 8.5. This is because I reserve nines and tens for outside-the-box mods.

Mapping is very good and gameplay is top notch, with neat ideas and lot of fun factor.

What I don´t really find so exciting is that it occurs in a very city 17-like scenario. And I´m getting sick of City 17 at this point. I hope you keep doing mods because I love to play them.

Sympathic level with a Strider arch-nemesis and an epic final battle, with new gameplay to fight!

This was a very good, but short Mod. It also was held in the original Half-Life 2 Episode 1 style, which also had a sort of atmosphere. Especially the part withe the elevator, where the lights turn off, reminded me of Episode 1. Summary: Good, but the next mod of this developer should be longer.


Nice mod, a little bit too short and everyting feels kinda familiar, but overall very enjoyable. The maps and the voice acting are really professional and are the two key elements that make this mod fun to play.

So, if you still haven't had enough of Gordons adventures in City 17 you certainly going to enjoy this one.


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