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Welcome to the Season Zero Mod DB profile where you can read all you need to know and get up to speed on the latest developments. For even more information about the game, visit the website.

About the genre, the gameplay and the features.

Season Zero is a character-driven fantasy adventure drama set in an entirely new universe of Forty-one planets each uniquely different from each other in regard of terrain, races, flora and fauna as well as resources and weather conditions. The Season Zero time hierarchy spreads prior and posterior to the era which is featured in the game.

In a traditional First-person/Third-person combination with both Shooter and Role-playing game elements, the aim is to allow the player to not only customize the exterior of the weapons but also the interior as well as alter the appearance of the character in regard of clothing and gear. The advanced inventory will serve as an index for your characters combat behavior, progression, skills and attributes.

Combined with the Competence system explained on our website, the mission objectives and tasks you will carry out will play and behave very differently depending on which of the Three Competence-trees you choose. These Three are Speed, Damage and Stealth and their effect on the player is what they are named after.

The Speed-Competence will progressively enhance the players skills and attributes learning rate, reduce weapon reload times, increase walk and run speed et cetera.

The Damage-Competence aims to allow the player to inflict massive amounts of damage under a small period of time. When progressed within, this Competence will also allow the player to carry heavier weapons, clothing and gear.

The Stealth-Competence by far exceeds the other Competence-trees and we are balancing them out. This Competence introduces the whole sneak-gameplay aspect of Season Zero but also grants the player a whole new array of weapons, gear, clothing, skill and attributes. Such as the skill to harness poisons from nature to use as weapons, extensive hand-to-hand combat and long-range weapons.

Each competence has various pros and cons, some are designed to appeal to various individual play-styles and will tell the Mission-system what kind of missions you are best suited for. But each competence also has downfalls, and that is something we will reveal later on.

About the plot, history and characters.

In a broad perspective, Season Zero is essentially about the evolution of order, when one order ceases to evolve, a new order will rise to replace it. The prominent story is the rise of the new order naturally assumed to substitute its predecessor but is was later revealed that this new order had no plans of simply simulating their rule but in fact, turn it into a reality. However if the player chooses to, other stories will emerge to offer their side of the story or completely different stories.

“When the Kotuda began their rise to power trough the support of the Selectmen, much money and effort was put to establish a haven for the Human-genus on the planet of Whaardaheen. This haven was called Ederell, the Kotuda claimed their goal was to establish a firm ally out of the Humans and wished there would be a crossbreed of both races.

As time passed, it was believed that a new era of serenity was upon the universe as more and more Humans relocated to Ederell to serve the Kotuda. Those of the Human-genus that remained vigilant in the belief that all was not as seemed, those whom refused to relocate, were soon to be proven correct.”

The player will enter the role of Archer Vali, one of many to serve in the Kotudan Armed Forces to strengthen the bond between Angels and Humans. With the city of Ederell threatened by the criminal underworld, new actions have to be taken to rid the city from their grip.


The new website will be available shortly, with tons of information to add it takes time to go over it all.

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