Scientist Hunt is a Half-Life modification which makes murdering scientists the objective of the game...

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one of the best half life mods i've tryed..

you get 3 new weapons to kill scientists that is fun


Just hilarious... if only people still play this and make more maps for this mod everything's gonna be epic.



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Those scientists in Half-Life are annoying at times and what do you do when they drive you crazy? Kill them.

The mod is where two teams are tasked with killing scientists, The biggest change is the gameplay:Scientists will run in terror forcing you to run after them with melee weapons or shoot as a distance.

The new Mallet, Chainsaw, and Sawed Off Shotgun are welcome additions to this Bloodlustful mod, The maps feel like genuine Half-Life DM maps and can easily hold an entire lobby of 30 players.

A very nice multiplayer half-life and this objective is a dream come true XD

it has 3 new weapons and a nice collection of maps with an epic rage mode or something that turns you into a killing machine >:D.

The sad part is the fact that it's dead ): but it's still fun with your friends.

This is my first mod I ever played, yeah this mod is very very fun(For people who loves killing Scientists.).

Okay, I give this mod 10 because:

*New weapons
*Extra gibs(Oh, FTW)
*Scientists run around, so sweet
*Nice maps
*Barney's shooting speed is improved
*Scientists yell and yell, so fun

Just love it, I wish this mod will not ended like this.


Looks quite decent With HD map pack 1.1


Fun mod. Loved owning scientists.


Meh... I like the new mele weapons and some of the maps... which is why I don't give it a four. It's perfect for anyone who likes mindless violence though.

Just wish I had a flashlight.

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one of the best half life mods i've tryed..

you get 3 new weapons to kill scientists that is fun

Feb 7 2012 by ThatMercenarySnake