Enjoy the classic broodwar game with improved mechanics, new units, upgrades, abilities, and lot of changes that will improve the gameplay and open new strategies and compositions to fight with.

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Jan 22 2013 Anchor

For now use this board to post feedback, suggestions, report bugs or share any thought related to SC Revolution MOD.
Just follow the modDB rules.


Edited by: RavenWolf

Jan 23 2013 Anchor

Storm Raven not entering bunkers is a fairly small bug, doesn't affect that much.

About the Roach since they are a tanking unit don't you want them to get +2 armor per carapace level?
Also sure you want to produce 2 simultaneously, otherwise you could just boosting them to very durable units, also their armor upgrade only grants immunity but not more armor, in the current case I think it could be good if that upgrade granted them +2 armor, their costs could always be adapted accordingly to the state of the unit in the mod (didn't mean dynamical price changes).

Jan 23 2013 Anchor

Storm Raven is medium size unit with 2 supply. Creator conception for this unit is a big infantry with medium size and supporting role (slowing opponents) something like Maruder from SC2. Because RavenWolf don't have now appropriate GRP for his Storm Raven unit, he use Kerrigan Ghost version.

Because of that I think SR shouldn't enter bunker, however when you see this slim model it may be confusing.

Jan 23 2013 Anchor

Stormravens and ghost can enter bunkers, there was a bug in the first release not allowing them to enter, but should be fixed now. They use 2 slots, so check if the bunker has enough space.
And Lagi its right, they are medium size and I will change their graphic to SC2 marauder or other unit that will fit.

About roaches, 2 armor it's a lot for a medium sized unit. Considering that medium units takes 75% damage from explosive and concussive weapons. And the damage formula works different than vanilla starcraft (first its apllied the size and splash reductions, an them the armor its substracted).The upgrade grant 1 armor bonus and and immunity (the extra armor isnt showed as an armor upgrade, but the base armor of the roach its 2 when upgraded)

Jan 25 2013 Anchor

In that case, what do you think about Tychus's marauder Model?

And what do you think about letting the roaches gain more aror depending on how much health is lost, like +2 when health under 50%, this does make them harder to kill and could make them earn the name roach by being resilent, could be a part of it's current armor upgrade or maybe it would only have a +1 armor boost before the upgrade and +2 after the upgrade (same conditions as suggested recently)

Jan 25 2013 Anchor

I have tychus and Kurohige marauder models, I will have to test them in game to see who will fit better. Probably need to so some recolor, also I will need portrait and wireframe.

The roach ability seems nice, but I will have to use an extra unit to implement it, or an upgrade slot. For now those are the only ways I know to increase armor value.

Jan 25 2013 Anchor

I'd like to see how it looks, do keep in mind that we're talking about the more recent one that Tychus made himself and that e claimed to have sent you which I guess could be the case.

Even though you may need an other unit it doesn't matter since you'd be using the same graphics and the same skills with a difference on armor level for the roach, and as known there's a lack of graphics and unit slots themselves I know there are more of.

What would you think if EMP revealed cloaked units for a moment, let's say 10 secs, it could get people to use it more and would make DT rushes less efficient with an EMP available, besides they would also loose their shields.

Also could you make double EMPs to remove detection from any detector?

Just teporarely

What would you think of allowing Nydus canals to be unlocked by Lair, though it may not be balanced to do so but look at this SC2 tutorial, it does give the zergs more flexibility earlier.

Feb 13 2013 Anchor

i like to play star craft and im not a modder but wouldnt it be cool if u made it possible for zurg to infect the protos and make it ware u can make infested protos bombs like the terrin sorry i cant spell

i would like to also see the protos observer get a small space radar jamer and a mirage abilitie ware it shows it self as 3 units to the enime.
it just seams sad for the obzerver to have so little

Edited by: nholman74432

Feb 13 2013 Anchor

Acording to StarCraft lore, protoss cant be infested, so proably wont implement something like this.
About the observer, i will try to improve this unit (and others) whit some ability or some tweaks.

Feb 14 2013 Anchor

Raygoza wrote: What would you think if EMP revealed cloaked units for a moment, let's say 10 secs, it could get people to use it more and would make DT rushes less efficient with an EMP available, besides they would also loose their shields.

Nice tweak, good counter (in flavor sense). However Terk never complain about the lack of scan. On the other hand SVessel spells are deadly (EMP for prot & Irrad for Zerg), I would limited for sure Irradiation (weaker, more Energy etc.). Irradiation basically kill every Zerg unit (and damage nearby), so SVessel are too effective as harassment unit.

nholman74432: how does "jammer" suppose to work? there is no radar in StarCraft (as is in Total Annihilation f.ex.), Observer is already invisible and by granting invisb. for nearest units would be OP, double Arbiter role and can no longer act as cheap detector units.

Mar 5 2013 Anchor

EMP revealing enemy units wont make a huge difference considering that the SV is a detector. Irradiate energy cost has been increased from original starcraft, but considering that the upgrade now makes SV to regenerate a bit faster a reduction in duration or damage may be needed

Mar 29 2013 Anchor

Amazing mod.
Regenerating of shields while Archon warp is a very smart decision. Flying scarabs are reasonable idea. The Sentry is not full copy from SCII - it good. And I like all cosmetic changes of your mod, RavenWolf. I generally like things like that.
You motivated me for some modding too ^_^.

Mar 29 2013 Anchor

Thanks, glad you like it!

Apr 6 2013 Anchor

Just curious should the Science Vessel get a sight range upgrade?

Apr 7 2013 Anchor

Why so, it's supposed to be an high tech ship to not need any upgrades except for it's reactor, other things are just unlockable.

Apr 7 2013 Anchor

Sight upg. its not very interesting upgrade (not saying not useful with surplus of minerals, just "dull"). Like Ghost oculars. : /

Talking about SV upgrades, IMO science vessel Irradiation (this one also nerfed) and EMP upgrades should be available later (req. Science Facility?).

Apr 8 2013 Anchor

SV sight its 10, while other detectors have base 9 and upgrade to 11. The sight limit now can be greater than 11, but i don think terrans need detector with more sigth, they already have scan.

Jul 18 2017 Anchor

best starcraft mod! the new features and cosmetics sync very well and don't feel out of place from the original game. the quality of life improvements are genius! anyway some thoughts on version 2.1:

1. the defiler is severely nerfed after including the ravager. though they have different roles, imo the ravager is very much accessible at lair tech and not only can attack but also do some things better than the defiler (ie. breaking tank lines). plague also has been nerfed (min hp to 25% instead of 1hp). maybe the defiler could get some boost like burrowed movement, or make the ravager be at least hive tech. (btw "Ravager" should be named "Zerg Ravager")

2. i liked the stormraven unit from the prev version, she's tanky and was effective against large units. plus they slow incoming units with the upgrade. i think it has its own role and i really hope it returns on the next version (also the terrans have only 1 new unit unlike zerg and toss)

3. guardian - broodlord was fun but too op last version. reverting it to the queen was a good idea. queen as detectors was very welcome

4. can i suggest warpgates? :) or the speed boost of zerg units at creep, i've seen another sc mod implement this

5. lastly can i suggest 5 level of upgrades? 1st tier units won't benefit much at level 5 (they'll cancel out with armor upgrade), but siege units like tanks, banelings & capital ships will greatly benefit; if the game goes long enough you at least have the option of upgrading further than just massing out units. out-upgrading your enemy 5-0 feels so good ^_^

Jul 20 2017 Anchor

Hi goryo, Thanks for your feedback.

1.Ravager name will be fixed for the next version. I dont think ravagers make defilers feel nerfed, dark swarm is still one of the most powerful spells, and plague still is great to deal lot of damage, and cannot be avoided, unlike the ravager spells. Burrow movement could be an improvement though

2.Yep, i need to introduce a new terran unit, problem with storm raven is that its graphic didnt correspond much with its stats

4.implementation is not the problem, but warpgates will be hard to balance the game. About zerg speed, i dont think that it will add much to the game unless a better creep spread mechanic will be implemented

5.I think that it could be a problem as most units improve their damage at large scales, resulting on most units die faster late game,so less time to use stretegies and more pew pew. And also static defences will become almost useless late game, as they dont get any armor or weapon upgrade.

Jul 20 2017 Anchor

Ravager is very well balanced, and it come in right time to play, also as additional hindrance is morph from roach [which is perfect].
If any then, toxic cloud should be easier to spam (its easy avoid), and range upgrade should benefit only/more anti air.
Defiler is still very powerful. Plague limit is good. Burrow movement? why? I would refrain from it.

I play with zerg few games yesterday, and must say this race feels very coherent, in every term. Unit upgrades, morphs, tier balance. I cannot say the same for protoss [ where early dragon+sentry feel odd/ citadel giving nothing and then archives gaining access to multiple arsenal / underwhelming robotic facility] or terran [tech lab/reactor - upgrade, unit access]

2. stormraven has no role. She has explosive attack, but was not design to be spamable - it was rare unit. And as specialized unit it has no application (slowing down zerglings/zealots? not useful). First I would define: is it core, front unit? or has specialized appliance?

5. upgrade access is very good now. stat upgrade is boring imo. Definetly dont want 5th.

Personally I would like all stat-upgrades to affect single unit (or 2). This way you can focus on unit you use / like, and make them more powerful than the game balance foreseen. F.ex. I like firebats so I give them gauntlets, if you dont use this unit than you dont go for this upgrade.

On the other hand, there are many obligatory upgrades: Siege Mode, Dragoon Increase Range, Stimpacks. you build them sooner than the unit itself.

Jul 25 2017 Anchor

If I may enter this discussion, what about getting a Marauder instead of Stormraven, tenchically that should give it more health than a marine, keep an expölosive attack with slowing effect and have stim packs available. As for the graphics unless you somehow get a good SC2 Marauder that fits in among the SC1 graphics do consider a dark grey Firebat, as for the attack lazily it could be the vulture attack, or something that looks better could be given to you by an other modder.

Jul 25 2017 Anchor
Raygoza wrote:

If I may enter this discussion,

everybody may and should, that's the idea of forum. People dont be afraid! I post every nonsens that come into my mind :)

Raygoza wrote:

what about getting a Marauder instead of Stormraven, tenchically that should give it more health than a marine, keep an expölosive attack with slowing effect and have stim packs available. As for the graphics unless you somehow get a good SC2 Marauder that fits in among the SC1 graphics do consider a dark grey Firebat, as for the attack lazily it could be the vulture attack, or something that looks better could be given to you by an other modder.

what was wrong is the conception for new infantry. zero cohesion. we have fragile model of Kerrigan, that supposed to be bulky mech. plus there was no good define role for gameplay. No fluff + no purpose = nothing good can come from it.

maruder idea is not bad, but copy/paste GRP only with different colors, is the easiest way to deteriorate mod quality. it never be Maruder, from first appearance it would be firebat with rockets. Also there is already bulky firebat.
if Firebat GRP could be modded more (remove tanks, give big pipe) then it could be good.

IMO if stick to Kerrigan GRP, then stormraven should be some core, mass unit (benefit from reactor), no spellcaster. Hide skill (invisible if dont move/attack), with some passive upgrade(slow down). explosive attack (good vs building). ground mid game harrasment. fragile, can have shields, so can work independent from medics. dont require as much control as Ghost.

Jul 28 2017 Anchor

By the way how do you guys find the Sentry role and cost affecting your builds? Unlike SC2 you don't get 2 geysers per expansion so you can get gas quite early without it affecting you too much, I just wonder if the Sentry feels like it gives more versatility in the early game or if you feel it hinder progress?

Gas is used for upgrades.

Aug 1 2017 Anchor

I'm not playing any good as protoss :), but Dragoons are better. As scouts Sentry has limited application, also he cannot climb hills that he don't see. He doesnt give any good leverage early IMO. I would say it hinder progress.

Aug 2 2017 Anchor

Ideas for how it could give good leverage?

Could anyone else reading this also try this out?

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