This mod will add new units, upgrades, abilities and bring some changes to existing ones to improve the gameplay and bring more strategy to the game.

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Feb 9 2013 Anchor

Raygoza I don't understand what you want to say (maybe its my english or maybe I am stupid).
Your idea: morf anywhere Drone to tumor (creep stain on ground) => to allow 2nd Drone to morf to Creep Colony (Creep Colony work the same). ?

I thought you want to remove Creep (no reason to exist if can build Sunken from Drone).
If it would be so, to avoid GRP waste, I suggest to use Creep as wall. Drone morf to Creep which main function is to block movement. Its a Wall => you build them few in a line. [ like around this BIG gun in the middle].
Wall is very useful, f.ex. Unit A with greater fire range than unit B, can shoot to B, without B's retaliation.

1x1 is not so big to block Nexus or Command Center from build. Wasting 10 drones to make quickly evaporating shit-minefield is a bad bargain (or not?).

Agree with your view about different style, but Zerg produce unit in Hatchery (liar/hive). Hatchery can be build anywhere.
This Raygoza feature enable the options to create defences, healing area for troops, protection for Nydus Canal. Especially ability to build in certain places Spore Colony would be nice.

However its not so important. Its already great mod/game.

Feb 9 2013 Anchor

About nydus spawning creep, Its possible to make other building to spawn creep, but for now I wasn't able to make the creep disappear whe the building is killed. (though I haven't explore all the stuff related to this yet)
The same goes for the overlord ability to spread creep

Making sunken colony cheaper (without having it stats reduced) would have a lot of balance issues, consider taht you can easily defend from a zealot rush with 2-3 sunken colony and a few zerglings. And if I cant get to make morphing cost cheap wuldnt make sense to morph from spore to sunken as it would cost a lot more than make a new one.

As for the drone command card wond be a problem, as the creep tumor wont cost any resource I can put it outside the building tab, like it was an ability instead of a building.

One of us has a wrong concept of the creep tumor suggested by Raygoza, I think the 1x1 it was referring to the space occupied by the creep tumor and not the creep generated.
I don't know if I can change the spreading range (again I haven't explore all the options here). But even if I can, the creep tumor will have to be a building (because other way wont be possible to clean the creep and even if its a small patch, if you put it in the middle of the expansion place you will force your opponent to build the expansion structure far from the minerals and gas)
So you wont be able to build other structures like sunken/spore over it, and the spreading range should be greater if you want to build some structure.

Feb 9 2013 Anchor

I never said that Creep tumor to be a unit and a building is what I meant, with 1 tile I was referring to the size of the tumor and I don't think the tumor's range need to be changed, about the Nydus Canal I meant it to generate just enough Creep around it so that a tumor could be placed by it.
Also Lagi had a nice idea about making tumor explode even though the baneling does the same thing it could be useful but could be a strange change though as it's supposed to be a Creep generating tumor and does not seem that a Creep spreading tumor could be explosive at the same time, simply those two roles don't fit together and you've got the Baneling that can burrow and explode.

Also I was experimenting with the idea of Overlords probably not being able to spread Creep because how it would be made to stop after the Overlord is gone, that's why I suggested that maybe when the Overlord could spawn a tumor and that when the Overlord spawns it it wouldn't need Creep.

Also when I meant no collision I meant not colliding with units meaning that it could be walked over, maybe only your team and your allies could walk over it but not enemies could be a good feature but would be strange too considering that tumors die fast.

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