This mod will add new units, upgrades, abilities and bring some changes to existing ones to improve the gameplay and bring more strategy to the game.

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Jun 22nd, 2011
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Revolution AI included (still need work). Terrans now have Tech Labs and Reactors that can be switched between Barrack, Factory and Starport. Added some new/edited abilities and upgrades. Fixed some bugs, and tweaked some units.

Fixed Zerg casters starting energy.
Fixed Queen Ensnare Spell not removing energy some times.
Fixed Sentry not recharging it shields.
Fixed a bug that makes Protoss units regenerate shields in combat.
Fixed a bug that makes units regenerate hp,shields, and energy while the game was paused.
Fixed a bug that makes Greater Spire and Hive decreasing upgrades time while the game was paused.
Fixed Extra Supplies dont disapearing when Supply Depot was killed by a melee unit.

Revolution AI 0.1 Included
For now it has some changes from the base Broodwar AI, it use the new units and upgrades, and start the weapons and armors upgrades earlier.
The scrips still needs a lot of work.


Baneling Nest
-buid time reduced from 64 to 40 seconds

-Damage changed from 14+2 to 15+3
-Burrowed damage changed from 21+3 to 20+4
-Volatile Burst Damage now ignores armor
-Acid Spray dont increase damage by melee upgrades anymore
Baneling new upgrade: Centrifugal Hooks researched at Baneling Nest for 100/100
-Increases Baneling Movement Speed and Increases Acid Spray damage by 4.

-Psi Rage cost reduced from 150/150 to 100/100

-hp increased from 40 to 60
-Shield regeneration aura removed
-Seismic Shockwave now requires to be researched at Cybernetics Core for 125/125
-Seismic Shockwave reduces hp to nearby buidings by 15% of they current hp (only affect enemy buildings and dont affect shields)
Attack added: Ion Cannon
-Damage: 8 (concussive)
-Upgrade bonus:+2
-Cooldown: 16
-Range: 10
-Sentry is now Mechanical and Robotic

High Templar
-Mineral cost back to 50
-Shield reduced from 60 to 50
-Attack removed

-Attack decreased from 14 to 13

Archon and Dark Archon regenerate up to 150 shield points to nearby units while warping.

-Weapon Cooldown increased from 15 t 16

-Restoration spell changed to Restoration Spray: AoE (removes acid spores, snare, plague, maelstorm, blind, poison, parasite, irradiate)
-Optical Flare removed

Electrostatic Discharge upgrade cost reduced from 150/150 to 125/125
-Electrostatic Discharge now reset the slow timer if hit a unit that was alredys slowed
(In the previos version a unit slowed can't be affected again until the timer has gone)
-Stormraven now has energy
New Blinding Nova ability
-Effect: Blind targets in a Aoe for a time
-Cost: 75 energy

-Attack cooldown reduced from 30 to 26
-Damage reduced from 22 to 20
New ability: Sniper Round
-Cost: 50 energy
-Effect: deals 75 ignore armor damage to an organic target
-Ocular Implants upgrade also increase Sniper Round damage by 15.

Battle Cruiser:
-Yamato Gun tech cost increased from 100/100 to 125/125

Barrack, Factory and Starport can build Reactor and Tech Lab Add-ons

-Cost: 50/25
-Build time: 50 seconds
-Effect: Makes Marines, Vultures and Wraiths Train two times faster

Tech Labs
-Cost: 50/50
-Build time: 40 seconds

Barrack Tech Lab is required to build Firebats, StormRaven, and Ghost (with Science facility)
Factory Tech Lab is required to build Siegue Tanks
Starport Tech Lab is required to build Dropships, Science Vesel (with Science facility), and Battle Cruiser (with Phisics Lab)
Valkyries only requires Armory

Stimpack, U-228 Shells, Incinerator Gauntlets, Electrostatic Discharge and all Ghost upgrades moved to Tech Lab.

New Configure Add-on ability for Barracks, Factory and Starport:
-Select a unattached Add-on to make it able to attach to the current building (Can also be used with Right Click)
-Can only be used while the building has lifted off.

Added icons and descriptions for passive abilities (Electrostatic Discharge, Rapid Regeneration, Acid Spray, Cleaving Talons, Acid Spores, Glave Wurm, Psi Rage, Permanent cloak, Cloaking Field)
New icons for Heal, Sniper Round, Hallucination, Seismic Shockwave, Overload, Explode and Blinding Nova abilities.
New Icons for Building Armor, Psi Mastery, Improved Regeneration, Centrifugal Hooks, Zerg Ground armor, Zerg Misile Weapons, Protoss Shields, Protoss Ground Armor

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SC Revolution Mod 0.3
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Black_Overseer Jun 23 2011 says:

wow great job

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RavenWolf Author
RavenWolf Jun 23 2011 replied:

Thanks man

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Raygoza Jun 25 2011 replied:

You have succeeded with things that have been seen as impossible. Be glad for that. Your tech lab and reactor are the first ones which I have seen to be fully functunal.

+1 vote     reply to comment
larry156 Jun 26 2011 says:

Does anyone know where to get version 1.15.1 or whatever its called?

+1 vote     reply to comment
RavenWolf Author
RavenWolf Jun 27 2011 replied:

Use this

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