Add an new "empire building" mechanic for a truly epic Star Trek experience. A total conversion mod where you can play as one of 5 Star Trek factions with Rebellion 1.82.

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Fantastic mod, not yet finished but give the guys a chance, every expansion brings more and more. Just some ideas for the future here. Keep the Borg as they are, other Trek games nerf them and that just isn't Borg. People should just accept they cant take them on solo just like in the real trek so do what the borg do. ADAPT. Make allies. Some of the models can do with better textures, more polygons and maybe the weapon effects too. NPC's need more converting from Sins models. Some more balancing too, Feds seem to be strongest compared to the other alpha quad powers by quite a margin. Some of the models as well are from TOS era which dont belong, some from Klingon Academy etc. Also the Fed vessels if possible would look more right if they had nameplates. Like NCC 1701 etc.

These are just future possible developments or requests but what iv seen so far is far better than any other full licensed star trek game, the individual tech trees are great, the look and feel of it is pure trek. Will keep watching.

Great Mod, my fav! But some models are still from the original Sins, but ok, its still a beta, but an AWESOME one!

Absolutely amazing. The models, effects and sounds are so well done and I love the fact the ships actually fly around during battles.

Just one word AWESOME!!!

its a really good mod even tho some techtrees are abit unfinished and some models aren't finished but most of it looks damn nice and it gives that "star trek feeling" it does need some special made maps to be really awesome (trying to find some maps that works for rebellion atm)


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