Add an new "empire building" mechanic for a truly epic Star Trek experience. A total conversion mod where you can play as one of 5 Star Trek factions with Rebellion 1.82.

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8 Gul-Dukat(tech)

Jun 24th, 2013 11 people agree 0 people don't

A very enjoyable mod, with some great work at differentiating each race's play style. Good sounds and well realised ships (although I'd love to see them just a shade more detailed) and excellent research trees, especially those involving the need for allies.

Ideally I'd like to see the titan mechanic realised for this mod, but with the gameplay as it is, it's not essential.

Great work at encouraging the player to build a variety of ships, rather than the simple cap ship zerg rush we're all so used to employing in vanilla. I actually found the mod a real challenge the first time around, as I found that I had to heavily modify my usual tried and tested tactics. That in itself makes the mod worthwhile.

Very slight balance issues (I've found that a well balanced klingon fleet is marginally overpowered, and that the dominion is sadly underpowered) but overall good work at maintaining balance, and at making the borg a true threat.

Eupholus says
8 Eupholus

Aug 27th, 2013 1 person agrees 0 people don't

An truly great mod. I find it hard to go back to vanilla SoSE. Still needs some polish but solid and fun, especially if you like the rich lore. Well done devs. A lot of great work here.

Hoshimo says
8 Hoshimo

Jan 30th, 2014 0 people agree 0 people don't

Since I'm a big fan of Star Trek, I would have given Sacrifice of Angels ten points, because it's really fun playing.

But there are also some minor flaws, which I'd like to point out:

#1: No titans. I'm playing SOA with Rebellion, and I really like the titans. Maybe they'll be implented in an upcoming version, if there will be another one.
#2: The Federation is way to powerful after some research is done.
If you're playing a large map, the only opponents you need to fear are the Federatrion and - in early stages - the Borg. Dominion, Romulans, Klingons, whatever are never a match, if your planets are fully upgrated with hangar bays, and Danubes are in place. It's really very rare that you're in need to aid one of your planets with some ships. Some shield- and weapon reducing would do the trick.
#3: The Borg are to powerful in the beginning.
If you start directly near a Borg-AI, it will attack you from the beginning, and you don't stand a chance. In the later stages of the game, the Borg are still powerful, if they have managed to colonize a bunch of planets.
#4: Klingons are imho way to weak. The Klingons are a race of warriors, but their ships cant compete. For example, I've just finished a game in which I put a starbase in a system with a dead planet, and I didnt colonize this planet. It was strategic very important though. The Klingons came wave by wave with up to thirty ships attacking this starbase, and they were always beaten like the dogs they are. Sorry, couldnt resist this reference. ;)

But those are just some minor flaws, which could be easily fixed. After all SOA is a great Star Trek Experience, and with those flaws removed, I'd be happy to rate it 10 out of 10. :)

Medic178 says
8 Medic178

Jul 14th, 2014

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callsign_jester says
8 callsign_jester

Dec 14th, 2013

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Admiral.Kell says
8 Admiral.Kell

Dec 3rd, 2013

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Nov 29th, 2013

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KW9008 says
8 KW9008

Sep 13th, 2013

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