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ZetaProject walkthrough SPOILERS! (Games : Cube 2: Sauerbraten : Mods : SabiCube : Forum : ZetaProject : ZetaProject walkthrough SPOILERS!) Locked
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Aug 25 2013 Anchor

This is a short walkthrough of the game.

restart the mainframe (enter 1234) and escape to the sewer through cell nr. 420.

take fuse from the dead soldier, use on generator to open door, go through the bent metalbars in the second canal and crouch-jump into the ventilation system, take the first left, then right, and right again.

help the janitor start the elevator bu finding the missing controlsircuit (found on dead soldier second floor), access the elevator from third floor, and use it to get to the surface.

go to the subway.

go to Market Square by following the only tunnel not collapsed.

go to the elevator in the local ZetProject office.

use the stairs and gain access to the lab (enter 1234), login on Ubuntu pc (enter 1234) and start burst, in 30 sec., trigger the panel in the server-room and reach the portal-device.

kill 'em all and proceed to the other end (follow the arrows)

read note in nr2 mailbox to get the key to nr4, then enter nr4.

find the ZetaProject id-card in the bedroom and exit.

escape from (or kill) the soldiers and use id-card to gain access to the main building.

find documents on 2nd floor of the underground facility and use com-device to contact.

demand to go home

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