Ruiner is a dark, nightmarish, fast paced third person action modification for Doom3. The player assumes the role of a herald of death & fights hordes of the damned using unique weapons, abilities and spells.

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Game play: 7/10
Very fun!! although sometimes weird how the sword acts like a bat instead of a sword... A sword is suppose to slice and dice not send enemies flying... love the combs although sometimes hard to pull off what you want though, or maybe I'm just not good at it. A plus is that it is a very challenging mod. I found myself dieing over and over which is good if you like hard games.

Creativity: 8/10
Very cool!!! a lot of creative things. Able to take objects and throw them is fun!! I did love the new 3rd person view and all the new weapons and maps make the game awesome!!!

Quality: 6/10
The maps were very detailed and cool but at times i didn't really know where to go next... Also the levels were very short which kind of sucks but they were still fun.

Overall: 7/10
Overall despite the short missions and the bat sword. The mod is pretty awesome!!! Way cooler than the silly Dark mod that everyone seems to like....Anyways can't wait for the full release!!!

Interesting artwork and good sound design, but the game design by itself is rather plain stupid and primitive...

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