Ruiner is a dark, nightmarish, fast paced third person action modification for Doom3. The player assumes the role of a herald of death & fights hordes of the damned using unique weapons, abilities and spells.

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Have waited three years for this. And is definitely worth the wait. The combos are a welcome addition, although can be tricky at times. The difficulty is just about right, and the Hardcore mode will punish every mistake you make. Runs very smooth indeed.

The long and anticipated wait for the Ruiner mod now comes to a close. Bustling with Doom 2 content, a new lighting system, and a completely new environment, the Ruiner mod is indeed a must have for Doom 3 fans, especially for those who own the steam version. There are just too many Doom 3 mods that fall flat on their face just because they don't sense that necessary line of code in your computer. The Ruiner mod does have a few rough edges though, here and there a bug can be found, but nothing that bars the game's experience from you. The outdoor areas do choke for some reason, but thankfully the fps drop isn't fatal. The only linger question that remains is that the team would stick together long enough to get the final product or even a patch out. Overall, 9/10.

Interesting artwork and good sound design, but the game design by itself is rather plain stupid and primitive...


ghussack says

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excellent, very very fun! the best was the fight with the dragon, makes skyrim dragons feel stupid; and ghosts being only beatable with the sword, very interesting concept! worth playing!

Too many bugs. I have Doom 3 v1.3.1, but still doors wouldn't open and I had to noclip through, the health-meter at the bottom right as shown in the video wasn't there,
the combat system didn't work properly, and the picture froze just after the last(?) boss fight so I never got to see the end.
I had to use god-mode on a few occasions, something I never had to do in Doom 3 or ROE.
On the other hand, the monsters were terrific, I liked the weapons although they were weaker than in the original game.

The Mod looks ok, but high difficulty and tough arch demons fight (when there's no arrows left) seems to destroy all the fun.
If it would be easier, ill gave it a 7+.
Adding a shield and magic to the game could also improve gameplay.
Im not saying the mod is bad, but it needs a few tweaks to make it more smoother and fun.

Very Very impressive for Doom III to go third person.

Interesting game, shame that the combat is a bit simple. Reminds me of Severance Blade of Darkness. This game has better graphics (obviously) better archery (but thats pretty easy to beat), but the combat is far to simplistic. Severance had a whole variety of melee weapons to pick from, and all sorts of variety of attacks you could do based on what movement keys you press, you could dodge (in this game you can do that, but it looks weird, you move way to far, and way to fast, its like you almost teleport) you could parry if you had a 2 handed weapon, and you could use shields that could break if they took enough punishment. The enemies you versed against used weapons also, and a fight with one of them meant using all your skills with that weapon where put to the test, and even though there wasn't much else to do in the game (you could also search for a hidden Rune on certain levels which are protected by traps which I thought was a nice touch), ever fight felt different and exciting, and when you came up against a boss enemy it wasn't as great, just a matter of timing (dodge its powerful attack and attack it while its preoccupied). This game has some nice enemies recycled from Doom 3... soul power idea looks nice... but this game doesn't have the sword play, just a click button to attack. The stuff that matters is the sword play. You guys would have been better off making a good mod for Severance instead of Doom 3.

THIS MOD IS SO FUN ITS WORTH THE TIME AND THE DOWNLOAD WAIT i bought doom 3 and all it was doing was watseing memory on my comptuer than this mod came along and it was so good

One of the finest fantasy TPP/TPS action.

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