Return of Zombie Ops is a zombie modification for Call of Duty 4, it features content from Black Ops Zombie mode as well as from Modern Warfare 3 Survival mode and Ghosts Extinction mode. It's set slightly in the future with weapons from different game series. For infos about 0.5, a forum to discuss the mod and other things visit:

Main features off the mod

  • Different Zombie (PvP and PvE) Gamemodes
  • A big arsenal of new weapons
  • Character customization
  • New rank system with 10 Prestige ranks
  • Challenges for extra money, XP and items
  • Skill trees for a more personal character

Versions and Releases

There are two versions off RoZO planned, first we got the normal version. It will include all off the features that we put into RoZO. Second we got the light version, this version won't include new weapons, and perhaps also some other things. The light version is mainly meant for people with slow Internet and to keep up compatibility with the default CoD4 1.7It is planned to release the light version a few days after the normal version since we will need a few days to update it.

Setting & Background

In RoZo a military special force tries to get control over the zombies outbreak that started by accident in a testing laboratory. You take over the role of one of the field soldiers, you have to face the zombies armed with anything that's available. The HQ will send you objectives and support during the mission.


The weapons will mainly origin from Battlefield 4, however we'll also use other games as sources.Below is a list off weapons that can be considered to be confirmed. Italic text means the weapon is done and will be in the next update. As the light version will have all weapons form CoD4 MP they are not listed.
Melee weapons

  • M9 Bayonet


  • M9
  • M1911
  • Compact 45
  • Deagle 44

Sub Machine Guns

  • MP5k
  • Uzi
  • CZ-3A1
  • P90


  • 870 MCS
  • M1014


  • AKU-12
  • M4
  • G36C

Assault Rifle

  • AK-12
  • M16A4
  • G3
  • Bulldog

Battle and Marksman Rifle

  • M39 EBR
  • SVD-12

Sniper Rifle

  • M40A5
  • FY-JS
  • M98B

Light Machine Guns

  • PKP Pecheneg
  • M249
  • M60-E4

Special and Heavy

  • XM25
  • RPG-7V2

Gadgets and Grenades

  • C4 Explosive
  • M18 Claymore
  • M67 Frag
  • M34 Incendiary
  • M84 Flash
  • M18 SmokeFlare


You'll get to choose three supportstreaks to take with you into battle. Using a supportstreak will cost you a set amount off points, depending on how powerful the streak is. For additional streaks you can also buy airdrops from the armories or pick up powerups, depending on the gamemode. Below you find a list off likely supportstreaks.

  • Airdrops - can only be bought from the Support Armory
  • Sentry Turrets
  • RC Vehicles
  • Helicopter Support
  • AC-130 Support
  • Missile Support
  • Airstrikes
  • Juggernaut suits and similar gear


There will be a lot of different skills you can utilize. They will be split into different skill trees, while the first one is free after ranking up to rank 2 you will have to pay for another skill tree. Also you can take only one skill tree into battle.

Character Customization

You will be able to customize your character in several different ways. For example you'll be able to choose your gender, uniform and headgear.


# 3aGl3 - Head developer, Scripting, 3D Modeling, FX, Sounds
xFire: ki11ing3agl3
Twitter: @_3aGl3_
YouTube: 3vIl3aGl3

# Lefti - Scripting, 2D & Texture, Community Leader
xFire: left4dgoe

# ParadoX - Weapons
xFire: psilocybinsq

# ElTitoPricus - Characters
xFire: titopricus

# MrMelusin - Weapons

# Mitsurugi - Weapons

Special Thanks

# Sanya - Help with Player models
# Susel - Help with Effects
# NNJ - Help with the CodX core
# IZaRTaX - Helping out with mapping and cooperating for creating RoZo maps
# DidUknowiPwn - New fonts

Help and Support

For help and support on the mod please visit our forum and make a post in the RoZO section rather then using the ModDB comments section!

Abandoned/cut features

If you are following RoZO for a certain amount of time now you have sure seen a lot of features being announced and later disappear again. Of course we'd like to keep as much as possible in the mod but that's just not possible.
One of the options if that a feature/item is not fitting the concept of the mod or interfering with other things.
Another, and probably the one we encounter most of the time, option is that COD4 has certain engine limitations, that we can not work around nor influence in any way at the moment. So we have to create a mod within those engine limitations. To do so we have to abandon certain things to make room for new or just to be within the limits. If a thing you absolutely loved is among the abandoned stuff we're sorry but please keep in mind that there are also other people who want to enjoy the mod, so not everyone can have his favorite stuff.

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Lynx GM6 MK14 EBR L118A
Blog RSS Feed Report abuse Latest News: RoZO - Big changes up ahead

5 comments by 3aGl3 on Jan 28th, 2015

So first off I want to apology to all of you out there who have desperately been waiting for news on RoZO. I don't really have the time to work on RoZO as I used to have, so I can of course not do as much on RoZO as I'd like to.Now let's get to some urgent questions that you are probably interested in!

1. Where did the Major part off the description go, again?
I deleted it for the time beeing as I'm not sure what weapons etc. will be used. Currently I'm making plans for that, which I will share with you all once they are done. And I know that I said I'll not Change them anymore and what not...

2. When can we expect more updates?
Soon, I hope that I can pick up work on RoZO once again and push out updates more frequent. I really wish that I can update our Server at least once a week, however that will probably not be the case.

3. What stuff exactly are you working on?
I plan to make two different versions of the mod eventually, allowing more people to play the mod without issues. One of these will be a 'lite' version, not containing bigger stuff like new weapons. The other one will be huge and awesome. To give you a small idea off what I plan

  • completely new weapons
  • Multiple attachments and options to customize the weapons
  • A variety off character customization
  • Globally saved ranks and statistics

4. What is comming next?
The following order is just very rought, however the account System is top priority.

  • MTG account System for saving ranks
  • Improvements to essential Features such as the spawn system
  • Gamemodes and the essentials off those
  • Further improvements to the mapping API and a How2 on mapping for RoZO
  • Improvements to the Skills, Ranks and Prestige
  • A new Zombie AI, adding stealth and other stuff
  • Additions to the Shop and Inventory
  • Killstreaks and other Support
  • New weapons and Equipment
  • Character customization
  • Proper ranked an d unranked gameplay
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RoZo - v0.5.021

RoZo - v0.5.021

Sep 17, 2013 Full Version 25 comments

Final release of RoZo v0.5, no more big updates on this.

RoZo - v0.5.018

RoZo - v0.5.018

Jun 9, 2013 Full Version 34 comments

This is the latest build of RoZo that is public. Enjoy :)

Return of Zombie Ops 0.5 Beta Release

Return of Zombie Ops 0.5 Beta Release

Mar 17, 2013 Full Version 35 comments

Return of Zombie Ops Mod 0.5.017 Beta Release, public Version.

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Lulzy Dec 13 2013, 10:44am says:

Also,Killstreaks get bugged in Arenas as you can't use them after a round passes.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Lulzy Dec 12 2013, 8:22am says:

Very well done,I really enjoy playing it and reached a decent round (around/after nuke streak) as well but there are still some things that should be fixed like:

1) Remove Special Grenades (Flash,Smoke,Stun),they're literally useless against the zombies and harmful to the player himself (Flashing yourself and such),the only thing you can do with them is smack a zombie with it.

2) Remove Silencers,I thought they would not alert the zombies if you shoot with them but I was wrong as they are useless as well.

3) Match the poison gas visual with the effect,sometimes I stay in my place waiting for the gas visual to go,I find out the effect of the gas is still there even when the visual's not around.

4) Make remaining points useful in terms of money or XP,I'd open up a few weapon crates to get what I want then refill ammo with a C8 (800 points each) each round,yet I still have big thousands of points that can't be used.

5) Add additional streaks after the nuke streak (750 kills),I literally get tired killing zombies without anything to help me after that.

And a few more,forgot the rest.However, nice to see 3aG working again after Global Ops.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Lefti Creator
Lefti Dec 12 2013, 11:10am replied:

Which version u mean? 0.6 / 0.5.021 or 0.5.022

+1 vote   reply to comment
Lulzy Dec 12 2013, 3:52pm replied:

The latest one on the download tab,021 I think.

+1 vote     reply to comment
3aGl3 Creator
3aGl3 Dec 12 2013, 5:34pm replied:

0.5.022 is actually in beta right now, special grenades will have effect to zombies. I hope to get it public before 2014 starts. However the changelog mentioned in the news won't be added up with a lot more stuff. Attachments to unlock with moneys will be in it, also prestige will reset your unlocks but not your money.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Lulzy Dec 13 2013, 2:55am replied:

Nice to know.

Anyways,trying to enter the server but it tells me "iw_11 is different",any reason why?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Lulzy Dec 13 2013, 3:39am replied:

Nevermind,the file was corrupt.

+1 vote     reply to comment
MikuCore Dec 8 2013, 4:51pm says:

Hey guys, i just finished a round on the beta server, yupp all 11 rounds :D

and it was quite awesome :D

however, i found some issues:
- the tanks are way too strong, they take 1,5+ clips from almost all guns until they die
- sometimes the zombies wont hit properly, yes they are right in front you and attack, but i dont get any damage
- the equipment menu doesnt work, not sure if you know already
- not sure if its my pc, but its way too dark, especially the boss fight
- and the dogs are way too much

i hope you can fix this or leave it as it is :D
still its awesome work!!!

regards Haeggar666

+1 vote     reply to comment
3aGl3 Creator
3aGl3 Dec 12 2013, 5:37pm replied:

Tanks are a pretty easy deal with every high caliber weapon. Aim for the head and they will go down in a single shot.
I'm not sure if you're talking about bulletproof zombies, those will not take any damage from shoots.
Issues with the menu are known and will be fixed sooner or later, zombies/dogs are choosen pretty much random so yea...

+1 vote   reply to comment
MikuCore Dec 13 2013, 10:28am replied:

i am talking about early game weapons like br25 and other pistols. no cash means no way to defeat masses of zombies.
most weapons are 5.56 anyway so it woukd need a sniper or an ak 47 to get them down easily.

i know about the bulletproods, but i am talking about tanks in general. also i found out that you can kill bulletproofs in their special wave with the minigun or are bulletproofs always killable with the minigun?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Lulzy Dec 12 2013, 8:02am replied:

Takes one shot for me on a Crossbow,headshot it :P.

+1 vote     reply to comment
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