"RTR is a total conversion mod of RTW which introduces a whole new level of realism and historical accuracy.

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Great unit design, imo the best of the Punic War mods out there. Unlike in other mods the territory is huge, Iberia e.g. isn's just a handful of provinces.
My favorite unit is the Carthaginian Reform infantry, a take on Roman strategy incorporated into the Carthaginian army by Hannibal.
The barbarians are also just really well done. There's two tribes on the Iberian peninsula in addition to the two tribes in Gaul, really emphasizing that those countries were far from united which was one of the main reasons why they couldn't prevail against Rome and Carthage. Now if they had you as a good leader though...


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Good mod


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where is Egypt Kingdom? How to install this mod, there is no guide.


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Completely broken, whenever i start it shows the screen, telling me there was an error


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The ultimate result of years of development. A piece of art, with high quality graphics and unique gameplay, thanks to exclusives features.

RTR VII features a good historical accuracy (the only mod where you can find aetolian and achaean greek leagues!), an original minor/major settlements system, number restrictions for some elite units...

But for my part, i would have prefered something easier to handle, like a continuation of RTR 6...

Platinum forever!


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