designed for 64 bit OS. 32 bit OS owners should use low resolution texture pack. Introduction: Rome at War is a Third Century B.C. themed Multiplayer Mod (with SinglePlayer in alpha stage) developed for Mount and Blade Warband V. 1.153-1.158 featuring nine factions at the moment, a few new maps and music files. Features: - 9 Historically accurate factions, Romani (Romans), Gallia (Gauls), Koinon Hellenon (Greek League), Makedonia (Macedonians), Safinim (Samnites), Megálê Hellás (Greek colonies of south Italy), Basileion Syrakosion (Greek colonies of Sicily), Epeiros (Epirus, between Illyria and Greece), Rasenna (Etruscans) - Custom Maps - Dozens of Weapons/armors/shields - New animations - Custom Banners The team: - RGCotL - Modeling/Texturing/Team leader - Gothic Knight - Modeling/Texturing/Historical Advice - Seek n Destroy - Coding/Research/Historical Advice - Theretor - Music Composer - DarthTaco - Research/Historical Advice - KickingJoub - Scener

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great modd, keep up the good work

Really love the history in this game I hope to see more in the furture

Great mod, I bet it will be greater in future updates!

(British accent) noice 10/10, obviously as you see, its brilliant mod i love it keep creating these mods

The amount of detail rgcotl put in is truly amazing, the amount of work, the amount of models and the details. Mate this is definitely one of the best mod out there,

the Multiplayer is epic when you do shield battles and team work, single player is also good but it is only at alpha stage, and will get better in the future, this is a really good mod.

why are people voting down the mod? have you actually play it? don't vote if you haven't, mod has so much potential, this mod at least deserve a 9.5 rating. the amount of work, the time and the amount of effort rgcotl spent on it is so much, I will Support this mod as always

give respect to other people's work, it takes ages to do modelling and it is very tiring

This is a great game and should be treated as such!

A great mod which stomps all competition six feet below with it's great new animations, glorious looking items and balanced and unique factions.

Fantastic mod with new animations new maps new items, and many more great things to come.

Simply the best mod for Warband, historically accurate, balanced, enjoyable, and about the best time peroid the history has to offer :)

Looks like a cool mod for this game.

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