Designed for 64 bit OS
32 bit OS owners should use the low resolution texture pack

Rome at War is a Third Century B.C. themed Multiplayer Mod (with SP in alpha stage) developed for Mount and Blade Warband V. 1.154

RaW 2.5

- 9 Historically accurate factions, Romani (Romans), Gallia (Gauls), Koinon Hellenon (Greek League), Makedonia (Macedonians), Safinim (Samnites), Megálê Hellás (Greek colonies of south Italy), Basileion Syrakosion (Greek colonies of Sicily), Epeiros (Epirus, between Illyria and Greece), Rasenna (Etruscans)
- Unknown number of Custom Maps
- Dozens of ancient Weapons/armors/shields
- New animations
- Custom Banners
- Custom options (Extra encumbrance, Class-limits)
- Early stage Singleplayer+ many more small gameplay changes

some info about the mod:
The mod is not yet completed, it is a work in progress.
Releases are fully playable and expected to be stable if your computer meets the requirements.

Want more information?

The team:
- RGCotL - Modeling/Texturing/Team leader
- Gothic Knight - Modeling/Texturing/Historical Advice
- Seek n Destroy - Coding/Research/Historical Advice/ReTexturing
- Theretor - Music Composer
- DarthTaco - Research/Historical Advice/Modeling
- KickingJoub - Scener

Credit list

If I forgot someone please tell me, and the name will be added to the list.
Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will you add faction X ?
A: We're not making any promises concerning upcoming factions, we follow our planning and eventually new factions are done.

Q: Will you add X item ?
A: If it fits our time frame then we will most likely add it as long as it is relevant, if it doesn't then we won't.
Items we won't do:
- Square Scutums
- Segmentata
- Corinthian Helmet
Stop requesting these please.

Q: Faction X is so OP/UP (overpowered/underpowered)!!!
A: That's not a question. Also we tested everything against everything in multiplayer a dozen times already and as far as I'm concerned it's relatively balanced. It seems to work decently in SP too so if all you have is one random empiric occurrence where you got your ass handed to you that won't be convincing of a faulty balance.

Q: Is the mod dead?
A: No.

Other things worth mentioning:
We do our own research so please be so kind to not point towards Rome II as a historical reference, we appreciate actual history books and physical evidence over movies/videogames. We do have a planning for what we are doing (most of the time) so there is no point in suggesting to us what our next move shall be. Thank you for reading the F.A.Q. and twice the thanks for reading the F.A.Q. before posting a question already answered in it.
- Rome at War Team.

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Weekly Sunday PUG(Pick UP Game)
At 18:00 GMT every Sunday
Hosted on Rome_at_War_Official.

Pick UP Game Rules

1. Two players, designated by the admins, take up highest (general) class.
2. Either team can get any available player (as pick up game is not orentated in clans it is orentated in players as individuals)
3. The leader of the team (faction) that is on top picks up the first player.
4. First 2 pick ups in every team determine the lower officers classes in the team (Unless team leader says differently)
5. Pick up of the 3rd-99th player follows rule: earlier you are picked up, the better class you can get(unless team leader says differently)
6. After set up of the teams every member should follow one of the 3 officers (best is if the players would populate all 3 groups) (unless team leader says otherwise )
7. Either team can be split up to maximum 3 parts (there cannot be 4-5 groups in a team)
8. If the leading officer of a group is dead, those left alive should try to follow another alive officer.
9. If the teams for some reason become quite unbalanced, new team leaders will be picked up and the teams will be reformed.
10. One player in a team is allowed to take standard bearer class, but it is up to the team leader to pick this player.

more info here

RaW 2.5 Changelog

RaW 2.5 Changelog

News 0 comments

Here is a short changelog of the new 2.5 release, both Single and Multiplayer received changes and a lot of things were reworked for both. Enjoy!

Weekly multiplayer events starting again.

Weekly multiplayer events starting again.

News 7 comments

Information on the weekly saturday shieldbattles. That are starting again this week!

Still going on with scenes and models

Still going on with scenes and models

News 3 comments

Long time and no previews but we are still working hard on new scenes, models and scripts.

New Scenes for Singleplayer and Multiplayer

New Scenes for Singleplayer and Multiplayer

News 12 comments

Here are some previews of scenes that will be included in the next release.

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RaW-Hellenic UI Mod V1.0

RaW-Hellenic UI Mod V1.0

GUIs 6 comments

The full release of the Hellenic UI addon for Rome at War, created by KickingJoub. The preview does not reflect the quality! Installation: Place the .dds...

RaW 2.5_patch1

RaW 2.5_patch1

Patch 13 comments

Change_log: 1)carry shield position are added for most of the shields (exept hoplons, cretan small shield and macedon parma, and celtic small ones with...

RaW 2.5 Music Add-on

RaW 2.5 Music Add-on

Music 28 comments

Updated music add-on fit for any version of Rome at War and nearly all modules you wish to add the music to. To install simply extract the content of...

RaW 2.5

RaW 2.5

Full Version 81 comments

Introduction:Rome at War is a Third Century B.C. themed Multiplayer Mod (with SP in alpha stage) develloped for Mount and Blade Warband V. 1.164

Low resolution texture pack

Low resolution texture pack

Textures 37 comments

This low resolution texture pack for RaW 2.4 is intended for users with 32 bit OS or weaker PCs. Credits go to SnD because I never had plans to do it...

Post comment Comments  (240 - 250 of 1,620)

No rush intended (I have no real idea on how long modding M&BWB; takes since I never tried myself), but what should be expected in the next update, and if you can make a guess, when do you think you'll have it released? Forgive the run-on sentences.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Seek.n.Destroy Creator

No ETA, last version was planned for December, then for February and ended up released in April... Time management is hard.
Now we've got some wip stuff and plans, hopefully it won't take as much time as for last release.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Ah, I understand. Best of luck. I'm sure you know this already, but:
Good Content > Sooner Release Date

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you should put free lancer mod on it

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
rgcotl Creator

free lancer works only if you choose warrior or comoners path

Reply Good karma+2 votes
Seek.n.Destroy Creator

But it's in... Even a few messages bellow you have someone asking if it is included and I answered that it is.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

I have no idea how to upgrade my troops, in the upgrade menu in towns/castles I can't click anything. Can someone explain to me how the new upgrading system works? :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Seek.n.Destroy Creator
Click on the unit names to check if they can be upgraded.
Text under the "20 upgrade available" is to upgrade the troop, if the text doesn't show up then the unit is at max level or can't upgrade. Wounded troops can't be upgraded. Click on the gold icon or esc to exit the menu.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Thanks you, but it says 837 upgrades available and I only have 170 troops in my army. The green text doesn't show up so I guess it's just a bug?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Seek.n.Destroy Creator

Available upgrades show how much troops you can upgrade at this location and is based on how well the town/castle is doing and the owner skills, which gives balanced numbers for the player and seems to skyrocket when owned by the AI, which seems will need revision.
Keep in mind some troops can't upgrade, here's a list of those that can by faction:
- Hastatus to Loricatus Hastatus
- Princeps to Loricatus Princeps
- Romanus Eques Equo Privato to Romanus Eques Equo Publico
Koinon Hellenon (almost the same for the other Greeks):
- Hoplitès Haplos to Ekdromos
- Ekdromos to Hoplitès
- Hoplitès to Epilektos Hoplitès
- Hippakontistès to Hippeus
- Lugoae to Gaelaiche
- Botroas to Bataroas
- Neitos to Solduros
Makedonia (almost the same for Epeiros):
- Sarissaphoros to Deuteros
- Deuteros to Pezhetairos
- Argyraspidès to Agema Argyraspidès
- Hypaspist to Agema Hypaspist
- Agema Hypaspist to Basilikos Agema Hypaspist
- Mistreis Hostatu to Hostatu
- Hostatu to Supruis Hostatu
- Pedú to Pedú Ehtradeketsiúi
- Niir to Niir Valaemom
- Verehia Mins to Verehia Maimas
- Aum Anaino to Venzile
- Axunana to Huzrnana
- Luvcatru to Eprial Luvcatru

If nothing shows up maybe something is worng with your game version or possibly you are running it on a unix system?

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does this mod have freelancing? sorry if this has been asked before or have been already answered, cant seem to find some answer on the enternuts

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Seek.n.Destroy Creator


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