As many people know this mod is dead, now because we are back so we will just going to upload it here, no more updates however because the warband version is out , but in this version there is more quests + more fun, worth a try

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If you don’t know what Romance of the three kingdom or Dynasty Warrior is then you should do some research such as Wikipedia , watch TV program of ROTK , play game of ROTK , watch the animation of ROTK and so on.

So now let me introduce the mod:

The Main Fractions:

Wei- Ruled by Cao Cao

Wu- leaders were (in order)

Sun Jian
Sun Ce
Sun Quan

Shu- Ruled by Liu Bei, a "second in command" was Zhuge Liang (very powerful Tactics, was known as the sleeping dragon in china)
There are lot of lot of others fraction : such as evil Lu Bu fraction (new) , which will invade the land of china , also I there were a new fraction which is the Japanese ( with ninjas and samurai and they will also invade china)

These are the all fraction:
1) Kingdom of Wei
2) Kingdom of Shu ,
3) Kingdom of Wu ,
4) Kingdom of Hebei ,
5) Kingdom of Nanman ,
6)Kingdom of Xiliang ,
7) Kingdom of Gongsun ,
8 )Kingdom of Jingxiang
9) Kingdom of the Japanese Empire
And 10) The Evil King Armies / Evil Lu Bu Armies

Bonus Fraction : Mongols , Yellow Turbans and Dark Hunters

All the fractions has their different kind of strategy and troops , Example : Due to the new invent materials rapid crossbow made by Zhuge Liang (its is true in history) now Shu crossbowman will equip the new weapon and makes them the best crossbowman in the game.

Music were from dynasty warriors and sango . (they done the credit already <<< I mean them is mean the Sauron Team , in the Chinese forum they clearly show the credit and have ask permission already so don’t think that them is me)

All the lords name are actually exist in the Chinese history and of course now all of them are dead. ( I am sure that some people may have already know what dynasty warrior is and what it’s about .)
All the lords has a God weapon , when you beat them in battle you will get a chance to get the god weapon , to do this first you must beat the lord , (not your troops ) then if you're luckly you will see a blue light from the sky , follow that light and it will lead you to a chest , the chest contain THE GOD WEAPON. (Beware all the lord has already got their GOd's weapons so even you got the best weapons it may be still difficult to against them still.

Lot of nice features :

You us use keyboard 8 to call your horse back to you while in battle .
Added Crouch animation , use middle mouse to active it in battle , it is use to dodge arrows ?
When you are the king you can change your fraction's name.
You can kill the dynasty warriors and lord after you capture them (warning , this will minus all the lord relationship and all the lords may go against you )
Sea battles , also npcs and lords will use their ship to travel and attack some castles.
Lots and lots of bandit such as The Yellow Turbans .
Wu archer can fire fire arrows.
All lords are stronger
You can duel with all the lords
New quests (very very very difficult)
All lords will have bigger armies
The language in this mod is mainly chinese , that is why I am here to do the translating ..
While I need to go to school so I am super busy plus this is getting very boring for me to do the translate but I will not give up !Currently I am doing a bit of translate so everyone will finally understand , also the mod is only working for mnb but in the future (about 6 or 5 month ) it will ported to warband . Actually it is already can play it in warband but due to the issue that warband keep updating so the teams will have to do it all over the update again again again.
There is more features then what I said here , because it’s too many so I don’t want to type it all up.
(If you want to see more information then go to the forum and you will see more information about it)

Donation: (A like is simply enough)
Like the mod if you like it/ support the mod or to contact us directly from there


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