RoadKill is a modification for Unreal Tournament 2003 and is inspired by the MAD MAX movies. Gametypes that are planned are: 1. Shoot'n Drive (Standard TDM gameplay) 2. Thievery (Locate and steal the Fuel Containers from enemy territory and return to homebase location. While carrying the containers you cannot use your weapons, but be cautious! The others can shoot at the conatiners and make it explode). 3. Last Man Driving (Get a vehicle and crush your opponents with it, the last man wins the round). Desert King (Protect your base from incoming Bloodhunters (computer controlled). 4. The Escape (Take The Fuel Truck from your base and drive it to a specific location, beware of the other team and dont let them get the truck) 5. Sabotage (Infiltrate the other team HQ and plant explosives to blow up the base but remember, the other team has the...

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