RJ-RotWK brings the best from each title in the BFME series by EA. As a mod for Rise of the Witch-King, at it's heart it brings 3 new factions to the game. Men of the West has been broken into Gondor and Rohan, with new heroes, units, powers, and more. Arnor has also been fleshed out to be a unique faction with a mix of Men and Elves and more. Men of the East and Mordor has also been split, with Men of the East made up from two smaller sub-factions of Rhun and Harad. The Elves are now made up from three smaller sub-factions of Rivendell, Lothlorien, and Mirkwood. In total, over 70+ new units/heroes/structures and more have been added. Over 20 new maps are included, and much more.

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This mod is pretty old and I don't really know if its just more or less "dead" or on hold. I say its more "forgotten" which is a pity :(

But what the mod has to offer is damn amazing and it has potential to be one of the best mod for BFME 2 - Rise of the witch king :)

So what extacly has the mod to offer you may ask?
Alot!:) many new units and new skins for many vanilla units. And some balance problems has been fixed from the vanilla game.

However not everything is good. I do understand that I'm reviewing an unfished beta mod, for exampel many pictures are missing many new units. Thats totally acceptable by me.

But some bugs are just gamebreaking, like the elven race is unplayable in WOTR mod cus their workers can't build anything

I wish that someday someone out there will finish this mod or atleast fix the game breaking bugs:)

Until then I just can't give it a solid 10. It will however be the best mod for BFME 2 - Rise of the witch king that I have ever played and it absolutly deserve a 9/10


Ps: I haven't tried Edian mod cus its not in english "yet"

GREAT mod, only downer for me is you can't use CaHs with the newer factions..like alot of mods mind you. Also, those same factions have no AI in skirmish...other than that, love the mod..needs an update with more :)


Good God... What did you do to the Brutal AI?! I've spent the past 5 hours on over a dozen games trying to win one freakin game against it on a 1000 resource skirmish

This is infact THE most greatist mod that I've ever played for LOTR: BFME II: ROTWK. I can see that others have simmilar problems with this game but thats not that important. What is important is that the people who have played this mod clearly enjoied it so much that they are sad to hear nothing from the creators. I personaly only know how to do a few things (such as simple scripting) however, I am willing to do whatever it takes to work on this mod and make it better. I hope that whomever is interested in joining a team and hopefuly come out with a V1.07. I believe that with the fans working on this it would send a message to the original team to tell them that we can't wait any longer. Also, with the drawing near of the end of The Hobbit Trilogies I think it would be appropriate to realse the final update. Please anyone out there contact me if you are interested in working on this mod. Had I had more knowelege on modding I would have worked on it a long time ago. Nevertheles, it is demanded by the fans, so shall it be made by the fans. I hope to see people volunteer to work on this game sincerley Arveleg_TGC =)

One of the best mod despite not being complete unfortunately

great mod, but it has some bugs and is incomplet, but IT S AMAZING!

I also give a 9 to you mostly because it's not being worked on the mod.


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