RJ-RotWK brings the best from each title in the BFME series by EA. As a mod for Rise of the Witch-King, at it's heart it brings 3 new factions to the game. Men of the West has been broken into Gondor and Rohan, with new heroes, units, powers, and more. Arnor has also been fleshed out to be a unique faction with a mix of Men and Elves and more. Men of the East and Mordor has also been split, with Men of the East made up from two smaller sub-factions of Rhun and Harad. The Elves are now made up from three smaller sub-factions of Rivendell, Lothlorien, and Mirkwood. In total, over 70+ new units/heroes/structures and more have been added. Over 20 new maps are included, and much more.

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The_Witch#King says

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This mod is not that much good as people says and it has been exaggerated. No new sounds, same sound for every new hero, no new good FX's nothing just a crap. From my conclusion i think WALROTH and THE WARS OF THE EAST mods are best mods so-far for BFME 2 and ROTWK respectively (that i have played and checked coding, sounds, animations, Fx's etc)

Every mod has it's own qualities and drawbacks but if u know a bit of modding then u can fix these yourself :D


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