This Mod Add New Nations,Buildings and Units

Nau:Replace Carrack(Medieval Age)

Teutonic Knight 1:Replace Legions(Classical Age)

Teutonic Knight 2:Replace Caesar Legions(Medieval age)

Teutonic Knight 3:Replace Pretorian Guards(Gunpowder Age)


Soviet Union(Replace Russians)

Joseph Stalin

Vladimir lenin

Mikhail Gorbatchev

Nikita Kruschev(1960s)

Leonid Brezhnev(1960s)

East and West Germany(Replace Germans)

Wilhelm Pieck

Walter Ulbricht

Ludwig Erhard

Italy(Replace Romans)

Benito Mussolini

Roman emperors

Iran(Replace Persia)

Cyrus the Great


Mohammad Reza Shah

Brazil(Replace Inca)

Dom Pedro I

Dom Pedro II

Prudente de Morais

Deodoro Da Fonseca

Getulio Vargas

Emilio Médici(1960s Pack)

Humberto castelo Branco(1960s Pack)

Costa e Silva(1960s Pack)

Juscelino Kubitschek(1960s Pack)

joão Goulart(1960s Pack)

Netherland(Replace Dutch)

William of Orange

Beatrix Wilhelmina Armgard

Louis Bonaparte

Mexico(Replaces Aztecs)

Spain and Portugal(Spanish)

Francisco Franco

Antonio de Oliveira Salazar

South Africa(Bantu)


United States(Americans)

United Kingdom(British)


Bolivarian Venezuela(Maya)

Nicolas maduro

Hugo Chavez


Hu Jintao

Mao Zedong

North and South Korea:

Kim Jong un

Kim jong Il

Park Chung hee

Park Geun Hye

Kim Il sung

Rhee Syngman


Charlles de Gaulle(1960s)

King Henri IV(Medieval)


Ancient Age

1203 BC(Classical Age)

1210 BC(Medieval Age)

1492 BC(Gunpowder Age)

1789 BC(Enlightenment Age)

1914(Industrial Age)

(1940-1965)Modern Age

1965-Present day)(Information Age)

More Units,Buildings and nations can come soon

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Rise Of Wars Mod

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Cathedral Notre Dame of Amiens

Cathedral Notre Dame of Amiens


Amiens Cathedral Addon For Rise of Nations,From Rise Of Ages.

Dresden Frauenkirche

Dresden Frauenkirche

Textures 2 comments

I'm Releasing The Dresden Frauenkirche From New Buildings Mod. Credit To:Forge Of Empires Great Building Requires Thrones And Patriots

Cathedral of Aachen

Cathedral of Aachen

Textures 1 comment

Aachen Cathedral Addon For Rise of nations Thrones and Patriots

1960s Countries Part 2

1960s Countries Part 2


Part 2 of the 1960s Nations,Add 6 Nations To Rise of Nations,Thrones and Patriots

1960s Countries Part 1

1960s Countries Part 1


Add 7 Countries From 1960-1969s To Rise of Nations



Other 1 comment

Add NATO to Rise of Nations Thrones and Patriots Play NATO as Nation

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