Rise Of The Reds is an expansion mod for Generals: Zero Hour that adds the Russian Federation, European Continental Alliance and is packed with overhauls and changes to the original factions. Whether it's steamrolling Russians, indomitable European defenders, American high-tech, Chinese strength in numbers or the brutal cunning of the GLA - Rise of the Reds has a faction for everyone's tastes - even to take your opponents on land, air and sea!

Review RSS Feed Dragonborn505 says
10 Dragonborn505

Nov 10th, 2014 1 person agrees 0 people don't

Awesome mod with fun, well balanced and seamlessly integrated new units and factions. Great looking and detailed models. Clearly a lot of time and effort has gone into creating something which takes the original Zero Hour to new heights still worth exploring a decade on.

paradig124 says
9 paradig124

Nov 8th, 2014 1 person agrees 0 people don't

Great factions
Great Gameplay
Great Effects
Truly unrivalled gaming experience for Generals
Also there's still more to come
Play alot of ECA, Russia and USA
Also love what they've done with China
and the GLA, just wow, reat overhaul, really emphasises the core elements of Hit and Run
Great mod all round

Sarathstra says
10 Sarathstra

Oct 21st, 2014 1 person agrees 0 people don't

Great Mod for Generals: Zero hour, Been playing this quite a lot recently.. Really enjoy Russia, ECA & China of course. Can't wait to see how the new Generals are in the 2.0 release!

nouamane_air says
10 nouamane_air

Oct 21st, 2014 1 person agrees 0 people don't

Best game i have ever seen!! i love ROTR like my girlfriend hahaha. and i'm waiting for next versions especialy the 2.0!

Battle_Bee says
10 Battle_Bee

Oct 13th, 2014 1 person agrees 0 people don't

One of the best mods for any game ever, and THE best mod for C&C Generals. The new units blend into the vanilla game so perfectly, to the point where I was wondering where the ECA and RF factions were while playing vanilla.

The modelling and textures are INSANELY well done, and do not look out of place compared to the vanilla units. My favourite visual part of the mod is the overhaul of GLA structures, making them look like improvised structures fit for GLA, as well as symbolizing the importance of the GLA tunnel network. (It even has an effect on gameplay, and now almost all of GLA's buildings act as Tunnel Networks!)

Sound effects are high quality. Voice acting of units would be considered good (except the ECA, which in my opinion doesn't have as good voice acting as the rest of the mod) if ROTR was a standalone game, but it is absolutely fantastic for a mod.

From a gameplay standpoint, this mod still is superb. Almost every unit has a "gimmick", such as seperate weapon loadouts, toggleable weapons, special abilites, etc. This allows different combat styles and unit versatility, as well as putting an emphasis on crisis and micro-management.

The new factions are so well done, USA, GLA and China could be removed and I would still play this mod. RF has an emphasis on steamrolling and heavy assault, while the ECA excells at building defenses to counter RF's steamrolling and heavy assaults.

The mod even has a small bit of lore, explaining GLA's reincarnation, EU's fall and ECA's birth, and much more.

I cannot find a reason to not give this mod 10/10, so I won't try to. You MUST give this mod a shot.

Truefell says
10 Truefell

Sep 30th, 2014 1 person agrees 0 people don't

First mod i play for C&C, but a very good one. 2 new playable factions and tonn of new content added to the game is really awesome. Thanks Hunter and whole SWR team for doing such a greate job. Hope 1.85 will be ready soon)

llJetzll says
10 llJetzll

Sep 28th, 2014 1 person agrees 0 people don't


some suggestion :

2.This is give great faction, etc... but the problems is AI compatible with "Advanced AI mod for Zero Hour improved by AEI"

Anyways, this is Great Mod!!!!
Best Regards....

Aeromax says
10 Aeromax

Sep 19th, 2014 1 person agrees 0 people don't

Awesome Mod,its like the mod that i ever seen good and advanced 3d.Congratulations SWR Production i hope you work another version or mod(or not).Keep it Up we are updated to all your worked

Full_Metal_Core says
10 Full_Metal_Core

Jun 11th, 2014 1 person agrees 0 people don't

The AI (on brutal) in the game creates a major challenge than the previous AI. I love the massive battles I get. The post battle reports states that the enemy usually had created over one thousand troops. Only hate the mismatch.

KoDan1 says
10 KoDan1

Jun 11th, 2014 1 person agrees 0 people don't

Best generals mod!!!!!!!!

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