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This Mod replaces the Factions with Skynet, Resistance and Marauder.

2012: Skynet gots activated by the U.S. Army. Invented to Defend the Humans, it saw the Humans as a Danger and started a Thermonuclear War.
2013: Most of the Humans got eliminated by the Nukes. There are only a few remains: The Human Resistance, organised by Kathrene Brewster and John Connor and the Marauders, who doesn't cares of anything.
2014: Skynet started to build Machines to "clear" the Earth from the Humans. The Resistance got more followers.
2020: With the first finished T-600 Model the War against the Humans started.

The Armies and Factions

- Infiltration
- Heavy Weapons
- Fortified Bases

The Resistance
- Hit and Run
- Air Force
- Assault Forces

The Marauder
- Hide, Seek and Destroy
- Salvage
- Experimental Weaponary

New/Added Features
- More Tanks
- New Infantry
- New Weaponry
- New Superweapons
- Improved Resource and Supplysystem
- A completely new Scenario

The Improved Resource and Supplysystem
The first Resource structure:
You have to Capture some Resource Buildings with your Infantry.
These Buildings are: Factories, some civilian Buildings, Dump yards and so on.
Your HQ will increase your Income by 100 Resource Units.

The second Resource structure:
The Improved Resource and Supplysystem is a bunch of new and enhanced Game elements.
Each Faction gets a building that's Function is like an Oil derrick. It can be Upgraded and Improved by different researches. Skynet will get Steelworks who will increase your Income by 800 Resource units. A few Upgrades will enhance the Terminator Production. The Resistance will get a Oil Refinery which Increase your Income by 600 Resource Units. A few Upgrades will increase your Income and decrease the Tank costs. The Marauders gets a Junkyard. It generates an Income of 500 Resource Units. A few Upgrades will decrease the Time between two Money deliverys and enhance the Armor and Speed of the Tanks.

RSS feed Articles

The Alpha will Contain Skynet as Playable Faction. Only Skynet without any Sub-Specialisation.

This will be the Contain:


Terminator Factory (Infantry)
Steelworks (Ressource Building)
Plasma-Turret (Base Defense)
Radarstation (Activates Minimap, Provides Infantry Upgrades)
Heavy Terminator Factory (War Factory)
Aircraft Landing Bay (Airstrip)
Orbitcontrol (Techbuilding and Superweapon)

T-600 (Anti Infantry)
T-700 (Anti Tank)
T-800 (Multi Funtional)
T-850 (Hero Unit)

HK-Tank (Basic Tank)
Attack-Cycle (Fast Attack)
Heavy Walker (Heavy Tank)
Repair Tank (Repairs Infantry and Tanks)
Plasma Atillery (Long Rage Attack)

HK (Basic Attack VOTL)
Aerial-HK (Heavy Bomber)
Mini-HK (Support)

Titanium-Endoskeleton (More HP for Infantry)
System-Update (Faster Veteran Status)
Plasmacollider (More Damage for Plasma-based Weapons)
Radaruplink (More Sight)
Satellite Tech 1 (Reveals the FOW)
Satellite Tech 2 (Activates the Superweapon, a Nuclear Warhead launched from Orbit)
Better Smelting (More Money from Steelworks)

Special Abilities:
Time-Travel: Sends a T-800 to every Position on Map
HK-Support: Sends out 2 Big Aerial-HK who will drop out 4 Mini HK (More Upgradepoints -> More Mini HK
Plasmabeam: A Concentrated Plasmabeam melt down enemy Troops (More Upgradepoints -> Longer Duration)
Experimental Troop support: Spawns 1 T-1000 as a 2nd Hero Unit
EMP Burst: A Satellite in Orbit fires an EMP Rocket to a Position you Choose.
Satellite Scan: Reveals the Map
Attack from Orbit: Launches a Nuclear Warhead to a choosen Position


Started Modding

Started Modding

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On the 5th February the Modding got started by me.

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aaaaaaand it died before it could even start.

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if you want to help for this mod is possible to make Terminator Mod Set !

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This Comment is just to show you that the mod isn't dead.

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just let this mod dead it see so boring

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dot you dare let this mod die!!! it must live i want to play it so bad!

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SINZA Creator

I'm trieing my best to recover all datas I had but i think it isn't quite a lot.

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so this mod is dead???

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SINZA Creator

Unfortunately i lost all my stored datas due a pc crash so at the moment i don't know where i should begin now.

And sorry for no news or anything for 6 months but school is more important than modding

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