Rise of the lost Children is an add-on mod exclusively for multi-player which adds some unique features so far not achieved in the space combat simulation game Freelancer. The story behind this mod is matching very well the story in Freelancer, exploiting some facts already present in vanilla Freelancer but which were unfinished. The aim of this mod is to add enjoyable new features for both freelancer pilots and also for clans in multi-player. As freelancer you can participate in story wars, epic battles, competitions, make money and become famous.

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I resumed at the end of last year the work on this project and I hope in couple months that I will release the 1.0 version of the mod.

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I resumed at the end of last year the work on this project and I hope in couple months that I will release the 1.0 version of the mod.

The updated feature list includes already:
* Start system Cloning Vats with affiliation engine
* Added new factions: Korben's Clones, Raiders of Sirius, Junkers' Syndicate.
* New system: New Europe - Order system.
* New system: Sirius Enclave - battlefield system.
* New system: Tortuga - Raider system.
* You can pick a role between: Raiders of Sirius (pirates) The Order (hunters) Nomads (rogues) and Junkers (traders).
* Unique start reputation, affiliation, ship and start locations depending on your role - original concept.
* All gates opened.
* New ships: Junker VHF and bonus ship, Rheiland VHF, Kusari VHF, Bretonia VHF and Order VHF, Police ship and Raider LF, HF, VHF and bonus Raider ship, DomKavash LF, HF and VHF.
* New weapons for Houses and Pirates, new turrets.
* Unknowns renamed to Omicron Delta (upper) and Epsilon (lower)
* Clan systems, entrable only by clan members, all is made ingame - original concept.
* Visual clan tags on the ship - original concept.
* Added new nomad weapons
* Added Nomads lairs in their systems.
* Modded ship stats and physics for all ships
* Modded weapons and hardpoints classes, you can mount any human weapon on any human ship but you cannot use nomad weapons.
* Dynamic trading (prices made by players) - original concept
* Battleship Encounters
* New Raiders and Junker bases in their systems.
* New commodities and trade routes

Planned features for 1.0 release (I hope somewhere in March):
* More commodities and trade routes
* News and rumors
* New wrecks
* New special quests
* Bloom effect and dynamic lightning

Planned features for release with server (if I ever will find a server to host the mod)

* Clan systems mechanics
* Police faction.
* Arena system
* Race tracks
* Admin system

Future add-on's:
* Flyable planetscapes
* Serverside "in space" news system

* Thrawn for the considerable ammount of help
* Advanced Battleship Encounters - script by Crabtree.
* Freelancer War on Nomads - script by vamp679.
* Spinning Planets - script concept by warzog and Bob McDob - tweaked by Crabtree.
* Richard Sabatino for tweaks
* Gibbon From Gizmo Studios for extra lights
* Lancersreactor comunity for tuts and stuff
* SLF members for testing and help: Torch, Wc_eend, Squig, Hallc, Ares, Illuzion, qqq, Carni4 and all other i didnt mention.

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