(There may be future patches, but AND 1.75 is considered to be a "finished product")

Civilization 4; Rise of Mankind: A New Dawn picks up where the Rise of Mankind mod left off. It is a realistic mod, simulating the rise of civilizations from the immemorial times, past the current era, and far into the future.

 The Trademark Feature of Rise of Mankind: A New Dawn is that you choose the new features. Every single addition is completely customizable, and can be enabled or disabled, to suit the user. You could choose to only take the speed optimizations and AI enhancements and leave all the new content. Or decide to use all the new content. Or anywhere in-between.

 Amongst the new Features are:

 Advanced and Realistic Diplomacy. Players can once again trade contact with other civilizations, establish embassies, trade for rights of passage, and sell their excess workers and military units. The AI will initiate it's own trades, and often attempt to instigate or calm wars, using all of it's means at it's disposal. Expect to have to manage diplomacy much more to gain a foothold in the world. Fail to understand the AI's demands and expect to have to face "aggressive negotiations." Realistic Diplomacy offers more forgiving AI, but harder to please AI. Over time, the AI will begin to forgive and forget past diplomatic events, good or bad. While this means your nuclear holocausts won't devastate diplomacy for all time, it also means simple gifts of technology will not keep others placated for long. Only a true kinship among nations will truly stand the test of time.

 Ruthless AI
The Ruthless AI Gameoption will make the AI much more manipulative and harder to beat than normal or Aggressive AI. The AI will use techs and gold to hire war allies, often sparking small border disputes into raging world wars that ultimately will work to their advantage. Expect to be sneak attacked, or worse, blitzed, as the AI siezes poorly defended border cities, and gobbles up smaller city-states. The AI will remember your breaches of trust more keenly; it may be wiser to die an honorable death then become the next Benedict Arnold. Lastly; suspect every AI request; an ordinary map request may actually be a search for future attack sites, so be prepared for pre-emptive strikes.
Expanded Cities, Multiple Production & Multiple Research
With the Larger Cities, your cities will expand to a third level of workable tiles at "Influential" culture. Your cities will be able to work 37 tiles, and become large powerhouses. Just be warned, unhappiness and unhealthiness will plague the cities, as their size spirals out of control. These expanded cities will likely take advantage of Multiple Production, which allows them, if they have enough overflow production, to build multiple units or buildings in one turn. Likewise, if your research becomes high enough, you could research more than one tech in a turn.

Usable Mountains
With Usable Mountains, every peak will give 3 :hammers:, and will become passable after the research of "Mountaineering". Mountains give +75%, the largest in the game, and become strategically important to research, especially if others already have the ability to cross them. A special promotion is available to Great Generals that allows them to cross peaks before researching Mountaineering, so that your armies can elude more backwards defenders and raid and pillage enemy land with easy. 

Defender Retreat
With Defender Retreat, defending units that have a withdraw chance, and are not in a city have a chance, if possible, to retreat backwards towards a safe tile. (A safe tile is one where there are no enemy units around it in any direction).

Dynamic and Fractional Experience Gain
Unit XP is now saved in fractional values, and units gain experience dynamically, depending on their battle success and the odds. The less likely a unit will win a battle, the more XP it will receive, to a maximum of 6XP attacking or 3XP defending. Units will always receive a minimum of 0.25XP. In battle, the less health the units lose, the more XP the units can earn, so that players are forced to make more strategic attacks, and that players can no longer gain significant amounts of XP by attacking very weak units.

Great Commanders
Great Commanders replaces the ability for Great Generals to join with a unit, and instead, they lead units into battle by being near battles. If a great general is near or on the site of a battle they will earn 1XP each time your forces win (up to 5XP a turn), and can earn special Commander-Only promotions that apply to your entire nearby army. Great Commanders can help your units withdraw from one-sided battles, or give your forces the edge they need to destroy the enemy. Use their promotions to turn the tide, and the odds in your favor. Just don't be surprised when the AI uses them against you too!

Fixed and Realistic Borders
Fixed Borders stops enemy culture from shifting your borders, but only with certain civics. Yours, and enemy units can claim tiles and shift their allegiance to you, even without any culture. Forts now give off 1 culture per turn, and can be used to claim frontier land, before someone else does. Forts that have defending units in them also give off a Zone of Control, one tile around them. Enemy units that enter this zone of control will be forced to confront and attack the fort, or retreat out of the area. By strategically building forts, one could create a nearly impenetrable wall of forts, where all the choke-points where heavily defended forts. Realistic Borders causes culture to spread based on the terrain and features on the land, more quickly on grassland and plains, but slower over peaks and densely vegetated areas. 

United Nations

Ever wanted to play with the UN, but hated when the AI used it to win the game? Use the United Nations gameoption, and the UN will still be active without Diplomatic Victory, and no one will be able to use it to win, but you can still have all the other normal votes.

No Future Era

Some players simply dislike the late game. It's understandable, because Rise of Mankind lasts about 100 years longer than Beyond the Sword does. The No Future Era option fixes that. The tech tree will hide all the tech's past the modern era (except for the Future Tech), and blocks players from getting futuristic technology.

One of the most interesting (and controversial) features of Civilization 5 is the 1UPT rule. xUPT mimics this, in a customizable fasion. Instead of limiting yourself to only 1 unit, you can make it 10 units, 5, or 100, and any number in-between, dynamically, inside the game. After 100 turns, if you feel 5 is too many or too few, just change it and go play the same game some more!

 Fine-Tuned Automations
Ever want to automate your units, but feel like they make too many mistakes? Wish you could fine tune what they can and can not do? Now you can. There's 100's of options to chose from. Restrict your workers from building forts around your capital, but allow it around your border cities, while allowing paths nationwide and banning paved roads. Or disable farms in all cities but one, and allow mines in all of them. Or anything in-between. Even your combat troops have further controls. Want to control what odds your units will attack at? Now you can!

There is far too much new content to list here, so visit my forum to read all the info and download it yourself!

Installation Instructions:

  1. Download the Mod, and Run the Installer
  2. Install into your Mods folder
  3. Install RAND with the components you want, launch BTS, load Rise of Mankind, and play!

If you still have errors, read the FAQ or post in my forum.

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Blog RSS Feed Report abuse Latest News: Desura modding support for Civilization IV (update)

9 comments by Henley on Jun 25th, 2011

More good news for the modders out there with their eyes set on the world scale, Civilization IV is now supported by Desura. Which means developers will be able to upload and make available their works to the community surrounding Desura. Let's welcome Civilization IV and the flagship mods to Desura!

We are always looking for more fantastic mods to support over the service, if you know of a mod or are apart of a mod that you think needs to be on Desura let us know and we will do our best to get it ready, even if we do not support the game the mod is currently for let us know either way.

Update Jun 25th, 2011

A larger amount of mods for Civilization IV is currently supported.

To list them all, some prominent total conversion mods such as Planetfall (a take on creating an Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri's sequel), Dune Wars and Rise from Erebus, as well as smaller ones (Hundred Years' War) and those striving to create a feel of "unofficial expansion packs" - Legends of Revolution, Rise of Mankind: A New Dawn, The Ancient Mediterranean and Thomas' War.

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A New Dawn 1.75 Patch B

A New Dawn 1.75 Patch B

Oct 31, 2010 Patch 0 comments

Patch B For A New Dawn 1.75. Install Overtop of an existing AND 1.75 installation.

A New Dawn 1.75 Patch A

A New Dawn 1.75 Patch A

Oct 8, 2010 Patch 0 comments

Patch A For A New Dawn 1.75. Install Overtop of an existing AND 1.75 installation.

Rise of Mankind: A New Dawn 1.75

Rise of Mankind: A New Dawn 1.75

Sep 27, 2010 Full Version 1 comment

The 1.75 release will be the final release for A New Dawn. I may release patches later on, for any bugs that are found. Hopefully you enjoy the release!

A New Dawn 1.74

A New Dawn 1.74

Jul 24, 2010 Full Version 0 comments

Lots of new features, documentation in the civilopedia. Enjoy!

A New Dawn 1.73 Patch J

A New Dawn 1.73 Patch J

May 30, 2010 Patch 0 comments

Bugfixes, Bugfixes, Bugfixes. The unit hover correctly displays fractional XP values, nations will not hate you for "Being Committed to Peace", AI's will...

A New Dawn 1.73 Patch I

A New Dawn 1.73 Patch I

May 28, 2010 Patch 0 comments

A New Dawn Patches are save-friendly and any game that you have started with 1.73A-H is will load fine with Patch I.

Post comment Comments  (40 - 50 of 85)
UkrainaGuy1111 Sep 28 2010, 2:20am says:

WE NEED THIS FOR CIV 5!!!! Please :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
Afforess Aug 20 2010, 6:18pm says:

Thanks for helping RepublicCommando101.

Yes, You need to install everything over again for 1.74. Saves are NOT compatible.

I know the process is a bit tricky, and you are way more likely to get help by going to the CivFanatics forums I linked to, as it is very active.

I plan on making the installaton process much simpler and more streamlined for 1.75, thanks for bearing with me.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Hyzoran Aug 23 2010, 3:46pm replied:

Well, I will wait till I finish my current game before I switch to 1.74, laziness is also another reason for not switching, lol.

+1 vote     reply to comment
jquinn914 Aug 22 2010, 3:19pm replied:

I don't think it's the installation process that's causing everyone these load problems. I swear I try to reinstall every so often doing everything slowly step by step and still same thing.

+1 vote     reply to comment
RepublicCommando101 Aug 19 2010, 6:59pm says:

For A New Dawn 1.74, you need Rise of Mankind 2.92. Look it up on civfanatics forums. Here's the AND homepage there.

Hope this helps :) Good Luck and enjoy. Oh and Afforess, I can't seem to play the Giant Earth scenarios. Why is that?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Hyzoran Aug 20 2010, 3:23pm replied:

Does this mean I have to uninstall everything? and then install New dawn again? will my saved game in 1.73 k be compatible with 1.74?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Razihel Aug 17 2010, 4:59pm says:

Hey. The mod looks interesting but I can't get it to play.

At star I get the error "GAMEOPTION_NO_INQUISITIONS in Info class was incorrect". Then the game freezes on the loading screen when trying to star a game.

I have installed the BtS lates patch, RoM 2.91, A New Dawn 1.74 and Patch K.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Hyzoran Aug 17 2010, 8:00pm replied:

for now, don't use 1.74, just use 1.73 K

the only downside to this is the no Purple UI that 1.74 has :(

+1 vote     reply to comment
Razihel Aug 19 2010, 12:51am replied:

Im just playing RoM 2.91 for now, it's like a whole new game! When I finish this I'll give A new dawn 1.73 a try! Thanks for the tip ;)

+1 vote     reply to comment
Hyzoran Aug 16 2010, 11:28pm says:

lol@ Fish-trap picture from AOE 2. Afforess, you have the right to pretend to be Gandolf, for you have just created the best mod for Civ IV ever! BTW, what happens if I play with 50 players on a tiny map XD. Also I can't get 1.74 to work either, I get an XML error when loading, and if I start a game it either crashes or never loads. I like the purple UI tho :D

0 votes     reply to comment
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