Rise of Mankind: A New Dawn is a new sequel of the great Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword game. A New Dawn serves as a new expansion, adding a huge and balanced new technology tree, putting emphasis on new buildings, new units and new technologies. Based on the incredibly popular former mod Rise of Mankind, A New Dawn transforms Civilization IV, reaching to new heights and giving the players the best Civilization experience of all time. It contains a powerful and vastly superior new AI, charismatic new leaders and a new revolt and revolutions system. The huge amounts of new content also includes an advanced and reworked diplomacy system, a myriad of new automation options, an adaptive difficulty, and many other enhancements.

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Feb 25th, 2010
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Full Release. A New Dawn 1.61 has a lot of stability changes, so there should be no more late game crashes, lots of new features, and general improvements. Everyone who enjoyed 1.55 will love 1.61!

New Features:

  • Mastery Victory screen tweaked, it will show earlier in game instead of "The World is too Young to Judge"
  • AI Calculations for BuildingClassProductionModifiers
  • AI Calculations for GlobalBuildingClassProductionModifiers
  • Barbarian Generals Gameoption
  • Time & Mastery Victory now end at 2200 CE
  • Better RoM modmod, (Replacing the Balanced Civics Modmod), which balances the civics better and removes many of the happiness/healthiness boosts from resources.
  • Zoology Modmod has 2 new buildings: Pet Shop and RePet Shop.
  • Speed increases, 10-15% increase
  • Tech Health, Happiness, Commerce, and Yield Changes now appear in the "Actual Effects" area as well.
  • The civic screen now scales with larger displays.
  • Trading Corporations now works and has been enabled.
  • The AI will now initiate diplomacy and try to sell contacts in Advanced Diplomacy.
  • Multiple Research Gameoption
  • Reflecting Pool added to Beautification Project.
  • New Mastery Victory End-Game Video.
  • Better RoM now features Tejon's Resource Spawning Tweaks.
  • The AI will now initiate diplomacy and try to buy workers from you in Advanced Diplomacy.
  • The AI now values buildings based on the units that they unlock and the type of unit they unlock.
  • New Modmod: Formations!
  • Better RoM slightly improves mounted units
  • The civilization traits have been turned off on the flag hover text. Edit the GlobalDefinesAlt.xml to turn them back on.
  • Fixed borders can be set so that units can not claim ocean tiles in the GlobalDefinesAlt.xml
  • Maximum bombard defense for cities is set to 90 in the GlobalDefinesAlt.xml
  • Defense now has a hover box, with a breakdown where defense comes from and suggested buildings. If the hover defense and your city defense don't match up, it's because Terrain Defense is a hidden characteristic, and not included in the regular city score. (But trust me, it matters).
  • Republic and Democracy with better RoM cause anarchy if the player attempts to raise taxes
  • The tax rate has been revealed to the main screen, so players can better track their taxation.
  • Buildings requiring terrain in the city radius now show the terrain button in the civilopedia
  • The way UnitClassProductionModifiers is shown on buildings (like the wheelright) is vastly improved, and will list the UU, if any.
  • New German translations for much of AND. Thanks Snofru1!
  • Domesticated Animals Modmod added!
  • Retreat Modmod Added!
  • Disbanding units in your territory will now give 1/4 their production cost back as gold. This can be disabled in the GlobalDefinesAlt.xml.
  • No Warlords
    • Removes Warlord units from the game
  • Assimilation
    • Captured Cities can still build the original Civ's UU and UB's
  • Flexible Difficulty
    • If you fall to the bottom 20%, your difficulty level is lowered by one, if you rise to the top 20%, your difficulty level is raised by one.
  • Final Five
    • Each 50 turns (scaled for gamespeed), the lowest score Civilization is killed off from the game, until only 5 remain to duke it out
  • Increasing Difficulty
    • Each 50 turns (scaled for gamespeed), your difficulty level rises by one.
  • Improved AI
  • BUG 4.3
  • RevDCM 2.62
  • New Gamespeed - Eternity
  • Fixed MP OOS bug when attacking
  • New Interface Scheme, Coal UI!
  • New Interface Scheme, Forest Green!
  • Now Includes Dancing Hoskuld's Warrior's of God modmod
  • Now Includes Dancing Hoskuld's improved Trade Caravan Graphics
  • Now Includes Dancing Hoskuld's improved tea mod.
  • New Gameoption: Ruthless AI.
  • Fixed Borders had a massive rewrite; I urge everyone to re-evaluate it
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Rise of Mankind: A New Dawn v1.61
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