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... and Rise of Kings is getting much better than we expected.

This is the War Wagon/Battle Wagon, meant to be a unique unit for Bohemia and a mercenary unit for a variety of factions, mostly located in Eastern Europe and Asia. Four skins are being envisioned for the War Wagon, given that China can also recruit Battle Wagons (alongside Poland and Russia)

Rise of Kings Wiki entry: "The usage of carriages as a makeshift fortification has well stood the test of time as an effective tactic, ranging from the use of burnt-out cars by post-modern rioters to wagonforts or Wagenburgen as used by Gothic tribes, Boers in Africa and white colonists in America. They often excelled where the enemy had no heavy weapons on hand for breaching such defences, but this tactic was not always a failsafe measure - Imperial forces sent to the Hussite Wars found out that it was better to lure out the defenders by feinting than it was to unleash all-out assaults on the wagon forts."

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