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Rise Of Glory is a complete modification for Total War Attila

Here is a short teaser description:

The year is 559B.C, the four greatest empires divide the known world. The Medes, their mighty empire, expanding their frontires from the far east all the way to Asia Minor. The Lydians, their rich empire, dominating almost all of Asia Minor and soon to expand even further. Egyptians, their long langsting empire, gains wealth in their regions stretching from Syria to the north, and Ethiopia to the south. Chaldeans, their unirivaled, fabously rich city of Babylon gains wealth, expanding their territories dominating all of Mesopotamia. Kingdoms and empires fight for total domination to rule the world. One nation is about to change the fate of the world forever.......

In the region of Parsa, a small kingdom is soon going to rise to become an empire...perhaps the greatest empire the world will ever see. In Persia, King Cyrus II has become king of the Persians, has united the seperate kingdoms, but still remains under rule of the Medes. But thats all soon about to change, he has plans do crush the Medes, siege Babylonia and destroy the Lydians...Persia is ready for to sprout from its seed, starting a new period in history...But this won't be easy as many kingdoms and empires await him and his armies.

The Eastern Realms, coming from the far east, will soon sweep across the west and claim Asia as hers. To the north the Sakae tribes will invade from the Steppes, swiftly marching into Persian land. To the far west, to Hellas, small Greek kingdoms fight for the control of Greece and then to extend their armies all the way into east..who will forge the greatest empire?...[Text from ROP]

Mod Description:

This overhaul historical mod is focused on all over the game, the campaign, the battle, the CAI, the Units, the UI and more.

Our main aim is to take the game to a very important and pandemic era of history.

You will see the real historical units and events that we provide them.
we discussed with the best varsity rectors and students about the historical points of the mod and now we know what to do.

You may see other mods about Cyrus of Persia and that era, but this mod will be different, you will see the best campaign and battle made up to now for purpose era!

This mod is covering the game until great dominion of Darius(I) The Great.

Features Log:

changes log:
1. Factions changes:
-region ownerships
2. Adding new factions like:
and more...
3. Editing existing units in names and models
4. Editing generals
5. Editing officers & standard bearers
6. Editing dignitaries, heros & spies
7. Adding new units
8. Adding some new sub-cultures & religions
9. Improving AI
10. Editing 2D arts (ui)
11. Adding new scripts
12. Change provinces borders
13. Change settlements position
14. Removing unnecessary campaign areas

and other detailed changes.

All of the new factions:

Dominion Of Armina

Dominion Of Asagarta

Dominion Of Karmana

Realm Of Zranka

Realm Of Varkana

Realm Of Uvja

Realm Of Uvarazmis

Realm Of Thatagos

Realm Of Sogoda

Realm Of Haraovatis

Realm Of Baxtris

Raj Of Hindus

Dominion Of Yauna

Dominion Of Tayaiy Drayahya

Dominion Of Margos

Dominion Of Maka

Dominion Of Kusiya

Realm Of Gandara

Realm Of Parthava

Dominion Of Katpatoka

City State Of Athena

City State Of Epirosa

City State Of Sparte

City State Of Tessala

Dominion Of Hilakko

Dominion Of Kenosos

Dominion Of Kyrene

Dominion Of Makedona

Dominion Of Parsaya

Dominion Of Putaya

Dominion Of Saka Paradraya

Dominion Of Skudra

Dominion Of Yadnana

Dominon Of Arabaya Doraiapiy

Great Dominion Of Babirus

Great Dominion Of Mada

Great Dominion Of Mudraya

Great Dominion Of Sparda

Realm Of Arabaya Paradraya

Realm Of Arabaya Vazraka

Realm Of Ardana

Realm Of Arsoa

Realm Of Axsaina Colonies

Realm Of Daha

Realm Of Hemyara

Realm Of Kartla

Realm Of kedarha

Realm Of Kolcha

Realm Of Masaka

Realm Of Muscata

Realm Of Rodes

Realm Of Rosaka

Realm Of Saka Tigraxauda

Realm Of Sheba

Realm Of Siraka

Realm Of Thyna

Realm Of Triballa

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(Your Attention and favor will give us more impetus)

TWC Link

Note: We have some plans to convert the game data to almost a new game, we will inform you then, so be expected! Therefore we aren't going to release the mod until achievement to our aims.

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One of our aims to make almost a new campaign is to change the (settlements position).

We will change the positions of some of the regions to correct historical positions. For example we changed the position of (Siraf) one of the current settlements in the game to correct historical position of (Anshan) which was known as a famous settlement and capital of province of Persia before the rebellion of Cyrus II of Persia according to related era:

Total War ATTILA 9 10 2017 5 57

Total War ATTILA 9 13 2017 11 5

Also we will change the provinces borders and short the campaign according to our aims.

note: Movie is for only changed city position. Soon some pics and videos for all of our works on campaign.

Increasing of the battle map

Increasing of the battle map

News 2 comments

Increasing of the battle map

A short overview of the Persian conquests history

A short overview of the Persian conquests history


A short overview of the Persian conquests history

Achaemenids military system...

Achaemenids military system...


Shortly information about Achaemenids military system.

Who was Cyrus?!

Who was Cyrus?!


A shortly information about Cyrus biography and his life and facts according to history.

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very nice

good luck :)

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son_of_persia Creator

tnx ;)

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I love you for this. Man Irani hastam. I've been waiting for this since 10 years ago (exactly) when I first played Rome 1. And I remember even playing Shogun 1 almost... 15 years ago. I've always wanted an Achaemenid campaign in TW with Assyrians, Babylonians, Medians, Egyptians, etc. Please please please do it justice. Try to work as hard as you can on debugging before you release it. How many people are working on this? Payande baad Iranshahr!

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son_of_persia Creator

Dorood doste Irani! I was expected too for a TW standalone(not DLC) game for Achaemenids many years ago but CA isnt going to release such game i dont know but we could make an excellent mod for real Achaemenids History and broadcast it to world! we have good modding experiences to make such mod, we worked on modding of this games for long years and now we know what to do.
ma behtarin mode tarikh modding bazihaye graphical tw ro khahim sakht! ;)
There are about 9 people working on it(for custom battles, campaign, UI, 3D modelling & texturing, CAI, scripts, DB editions...) and there are other people who advice us for this great mod.
We will surely test the mod for many times before releasing.

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how download it?

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son_of_persia Creator

it it still in progress, when we release it you will be able to hear if make a new account here and just follow the mod.

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nice work, workshop of steam for the download?

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son_of_persia Creator

hi, the work is in progress yet, and i think wont be a steam download link due to the great volume of mod, but non-steam download will be surely

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Good Luck with the mod! I like your version of the Immortal Guard (with red clothing).

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
son_of_persia Creator

thanks man ;), we will make the Immortal Guard with red, blue and yellow clothing according to history actually and also the main color of the Parsaya faction is dark red in game

Reply Good karma+1 vote

If I remember correctly they had a scale armor and I think it would look nice red clothing with brass/bronze scale armor.

I imagine it something like this

One more thing - I saw you list Epirus as a City State.

Epirus is not a City-State but a kingdom located there where today is Southern Albania/Northern Greece (I'm from Southern Albania).
It was an union of many tribes the greatest of which were the Chaonians, Thesprotians and Molossians and they were not greek (nor they are today), though at the time they shared much with the "Greek" Culture (Greeks had the custom of taking cultural elements from all the peoples they knew - Epirotes, Thracians, Anatolians, Colchians, Israelites, Philistines, Egyptians even Indians - claim them as their own, and then call these cultures either "Barbarian - thus inferior", either "Greek" and invade them culturally -and when they resisted, militarily - much like Arabs did during their expansion).

Achilles' Myrmidons were Epirotes and according to the stories we tell even today in Delvina, we are descendants from Hector's son and surviving Trojans - but not Greeks, never Greeks, as the earliest and most reliable greek historians(Thucydides and Strabo) clearly admit. Only other writers, of later periods and thus less reliable, called them Greeks.

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son_of_persia Creator

Ok about the scale as we will add this to the information of the unit in the game, we know according to results of some of historical researchers that Immortals(according to Herodotus)(Anusa(in ancient Persian) = the lions(in normal English) wore their scales under their clothes to keep the splendor of the royal army, so there weren't any scales over their clothes.

and about Epirus, thank you for the information but the city-states were many independent Kingdoms(or polises) all over the peninsula of Greece some of them were big and some others were small and Epirus was as a state of them.
also many historians wrote it as a Greek part. you can read this

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