The 15th century (quattrocento) is a period of cultural changes, in which old, ancient ideas were reborn.
It is also a time of bloody wars and treacherous intrigues; Italy itself does'nt exist yet. States like the republics of Florence and Venice, the duchy of Milan, the kingdom of Naples and even the Papal states are fighting for supremacy.
The instability of the peninsula also arouses the political interests of non-Italian rulers like the Spanish and French kings, the German Emperor or the Turkish Sultan.
This is the time and realm of Genuises like Filippo Brunelleschi, Leonardo Da Vinci, Niccolò Machiavelli and Michelangelo etc.
But it's a strategical game board for power-hungry and ambitious warlords too. Like Francesco Sforza, Andrea Doria and Cesare Borgia etc.
Who will be able to subjugate the Italian states, to form a new nation, by unifying the Italian cultures and create a mighty empire?
Which dynasty will survive the Italian Wars? The shrewd and scandalous Borgia? The battle-tested Sforza? The wealthy and money-conscious Medici?

It's up to you!

Planned timeline:

Not sure; 1417-1618 (beginning of the "Thirty Years War") or 1417-1648 (end of the "Thirty Years War")

Planned provinces: should be 271 for now.

Planned bookmarks:

11/11/1417: "Mend the shism"
01/03/1420: "Omnium plasmatoris domini"
30/06/1422: "Battle of Arbedo"
04/04/1423: "The bellicosely Doge"
01/01/1434: "Return of the Medici"
05/08/1435: "Naval battle of Ponza"
29/06/1440: "Battle of Anghiari"
17/07/1453: "End of the Dark Ages"
09/04/1454: "Treaty of Lodi"
08/04/1455: "The Borja pope"
01/08/1464: "Il Gottoso"
22/04/1466: "The cruel Sforza duke"
02/12/1469: "Il Magnifico"
26/04/1478: "The Pazzi conspiracy"
28/07/1480: "Osman Siege of Otranto"
21/08/1482: "Battle of Campomorto"
11/08/1492: "The second Borja pope"
01/01/1502: "Il Prinicipe - the duke of Romagna"

I had the idea already about 3-4 years ago. After I realised, that there is still no mod about this topic, I decided to try it myself. I started to study the world of moding a few months ago. So, to be honest, I did'nt made that much right now. For example, I draw the map, and made lists about the provinces, a bunch of history-characters and dynasties, created new traits like "condottiere", "painter" or "musician" etc., wrote new cultures in the cultures-file, by splitting up "Italian" into "Tuscan", "Lombard", "Ligurian" etc. and I was searching for free, suitable renaissance-based pictures and music (I guess that's the most easiest things about the whole stuff).

Theoretically I know all the steps to do, but it's still too much for a single person. Actually, the public posting about the developing start up of this mod, should motivate me much more, to keep it up.

Supporting moder (does'nt matter, if you are experienced or just starting with it) are always welcome to join!

So, if you, like me, can't wait that long to see characters like Da Vinci or Cesare Borgia in a CK2 mod, just contact me via PM!

The Rinascimento-modding team:

Javrimir - teamleader, hobby-historian, wanabe-civilization-scholar and footboy for everything

tsf4 - specialist for dynasties, including characters and how they fit together

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Uou, WONderful ! Awaiting

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Hi there, good luck for this awesome project !

If I may, I would like to make you a little suggestion...

Every historical strategy game I played in my life totally ignored the complexity of the political divisions of medieval Sardinia in their maps. Don't know if you where already aware of this, but during those times Sardinia was divided in 4 kingdoms (Arborea, Gallura, Logudoro and Cagliari) each one ruled by independent "Judike" (judges). They had strong history with the continental nations, especially Pisa and Genova.

If you are interested, you can start finding more info over here :

It would be so cool to finally see the Giudicati brought to life in CK2 ! I understand they had no reason to be in the vanilla map, but since you are focusing on Italy, I think it would be very interesting to expand the Sardinia Island, even if I know it is not as shining as the continental stuff. It can still offer a bunch of cool roleplay and gameplay features.

Whatever you decide, I can't wait to play your mod.
I'm sure it's gonna be great ;)

In bocca al lupo !

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wow I want mod in the renaissance timeline for too long so thanks

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That looks very promising! I'd definetely like to see the Borgias, Da Vinci and other historical characters in CK2

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Cesare Borgia are coming?

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I've just created an account only to comment this mod, i'm very interested in it since im italian and i'd like to play ck2 with the Rinascimento era (not Renascimento :D)

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Javrimir Creator

lol, mi scusi fratello. You're totally right. I guess, I mixed it up with the common "Renaissance".
But that should be no excuse.
Actually I had many years ago Italian in school, but I wasn't that good in it. I remember a class test, in which I had to translate the following sentence: "I like (to buy) 2 kilo ham."
Even it's one of the most famous Italian words, I forgot "prosciutto", so I tried something, you can associate with meat:
"Vorrei due chili cane."
I still got a half point^^
Thanks for the information about a big embarrassing mistake. If you like and have time, you can join our team as a cultural advisor. You would be the only Italian for now ;)

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Sadly i dont have so much free time, so i dont know if i can make a commitment like this, but I'm glad to answer any question about the italian culture or something related, just pm

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Oh mein Gott ein Deutscher,lol spaƟ.^^

Wow sounds interesting.
How far are you with this mod? So in the initial phase or?

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Javrimir Creator

"Schnappen, bevor es wieder einen Weltkrieg anzettelt." ;)

Well, I made the last months a lot of stuff, but I still can't say, how long it will take exactly.
The summer is the period, in which I don't have that much work like usual, so I'm taking my notebook to my working office.
That's why I can work on this modding project nearly every day.

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