Rexaura is a mod for Portal based on high energy pellets and several new mechanics surrounding them.

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Filled to bursting with very tightly timed puzzles. Would not recommend.

Rexaura is pretty much the best Portal mod in existence. Put simply, it's a bunch of Valve quality test chamber maps with a continuation of the wry and nasty sense of humor that ran throughout Portal.

If you liked Portal and want more of the same, this should be your first port of call.

Excellent mod! Energy pellets are a very fun game mechanic, and the puzzle solutions are very epic! This is my second favorite mod, with Portal Pro being the first.

Great story.

A very challenging but very thought out portal mod, just like Portal Pro this mod is a masterpiece of puzzle solving. Was hoping for some more story based ending, but personally that is also forgivable. Did often come across annoying glitch though where I get killed the moment I go through a portal devoid of nearby hazards. Finding the third bonus cake was pure evil, don't ever make something so tedious again.

A truly unique experience that gives me what i really want from a mod, a totally new different experience

Map design: Excellent
Voices and humor: Excellent
Use of custom content: Excellent, even though there wasn't too much new. It was good that the original Portal feel was kept.
Difficulty: Hard/Expert

It was so tempting to find spoilers for some of the puzzles, but I managed to do them all without cheating. It took forever. I almost never do that for puzzle games/mods but this was well made and it was worth it.

I normally don't give 10 to puzzle-only mods but I honestly can't find any reason to complain about this. :/

Great puzzles, lot of details and entertaining dialogs - that's why Rexaura deserves 10/10. Mevious, you proved once again you are one of the best Portal 1 mappers.

It's a very good map!


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