Revenge of Revan Demo (Beta) is Released

Whole New Official Revenge of Revan Website is up

A new original story that will be a stand alone as well as cover many lose ends in the Kotor saga which once you finish the RoR Mod you will feel as if you have played the third act in the Kotor trilogy.

The Mod is compatible with Cannon as of the last TOR update....

The ability to choose the gender and alignment (ending) for Revan and the Exile. You will be able to continue your kotor experience in what ever way you want, wither you had a female Revan and a dark side male Jedi Exile or the cannon genders. You will have this freedom. These choices will affect certain aspects of the game, for example.....

Revan light side will give you the opportunity to have Dustil as a party member.
Dark side Revan will give you the opportunity to have a Genoharadan assassin as a party member.

Even your PC's gender will determine which of the two Lost Jedi joins your party.

New Features:

There is a new Lightsaber Creation system as well as the old looting/inventory system will be tweaked and allow more crafting. Also within the Lightsaber Creation System is a Progressive lightsaber/hilt system which will allow you to follow certain progression trees as you advance in levels and hilt design. This system will be user friendly and allow the player to switch from one progression tree to another with out a penalty.

A New Trust System which will be connected to the existing Influence system for kotor2. You will have moments to gain and lose Trust with party members. If you gain enough Trust then you will be able to Influence their alignment as seen in kotor2.

Dialogues will not be simple black and white in the area of receiving Dark Side and Light Side points. With the newly added motive feature the player can actually do something that is considered nice to manipulate a NPC and gain Dark Side points. The player will have a ( ) similar to when a player can show they are going to lie but in RoR you will have options in the ( ) for example: Diplomatic, Aggressive, Empower them/encourage, Manipulate/control. These will lead to dialogue that match your motive during the conversation.

With these new features and RoR's new NPCs, modeled and skinned by Redrob41, which not only include Party members but even mid to high level NPCs.

We will be tweaking the kotor2 skills (Awareness/Computer Use/ Repair/ Security..) so we can bring them into the game in a more interactive way which can allow for more diverse experiences while playing Revenge of Revan. The goal is to have events and scenes play out slightly different based on you Skill Point investment for certain events during the player's adventure.

For those who wished for a sequel to kotor2...its coming.

Official Revenge of Revan Website

Also you can find information at Lucas Forums:
Other Links to info:

Facebook :

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5 comments by logan23 on Sep 29th, 2013

Hi everyone,
Welcome to a RoR update-
I want to first tell you what has been going on in my life. I’m right now in California looking for work that means I do not have access to my Pc desktop that is in NJ. I’m using a Mac that means I am unable to build/mod in game mechanics but I can still write and work on other parts of the mod/game.
The plan is to get a PC laptop by the end of the coming month =)

Ok, onto the more fun part of the update:
I don’t have any in game pics but I do have some images from 3dsmax of the Raptor’s interior and some new changes to them. This is the method being used in designing the maps now. So it’s a matter of going into the game and placing the items into the actual game modules. The first image is the over view of the Raptor. You might notice some tweaks to what is inside.

This is an image of Nindo’s room. You will see a bed as well as other placeables to make the area look as if someone is living in the room. The Raptor is a ship that Nindo and Kaila live on and I wanted to make the player feel that when walking around.

This shows Kaila’s room.

The two are of the cockpit and the cell (where in kotor2 you found HK). There has been some changed to the skin of the module plus the Cell is the place where a captive NPC is placed- behind a force-field door.

RoR will not have swoop racing mini games, no turret mini games and possibly no pazaak mini game (unsure yet on the pazaak). This move is to keep the focus of the mod/game on the story and player’s experience. I rather put the extra energy in the mod’s main content then the mini games.

RoR Trust System 2.0
I know I have mentioned in the past the Trust System that was built on the existing kotor2’s influence system. I have looked at this system and reviewed it as work has been going on with the content after the demo and came to a conclusion.
The +1/-1 system doesn’t fit with what I’m aiming to do in RoR. So I created a new system that will allow a stronger focus on the player’s choices and how they impact their relationship with the other party members and factions.
The new system (Trust System 2.0) will be based around choice/events/actions.Now how this is different then the influence and past trust system is- the system makes checks based on themes and on going issues/conflicts that the player and party members have gone through.
Examples of this if placed in kotor2-
Lets say the Exile makes choices during the game that is anti Republic. Mical decides to contact the Republic and report information about the Exile to his contacts. This can lead to added cut scenes or quests, etc. The code would only check on how you interacted with key points in the game that involve the Republic and not wither you did light or dark side choices. The focus is on the theme.
This allows RoR writers to bring up topics/themes from earlier in the game and build on the emotional tension created from the past choices. Players will not be able to game the system since what you made choices on are centered on an exact topic/theme/issue so you can’t use another choice to help over ride the negative impact from an earlier choice. This new system nicely fits in how we are handling main and side quests in RoR.

And last….I was talking to a person in the kotor community and he suggested an idea, which I talked to a team member about and we agreed with it- I know you guys have been waiting for some time for the next release and to help with the large length of time, It has been decided that the RoR’s PC player heads (not sure if all will be in it) will be released as a mod for kotor2. I have already talked to redrob and this mod will be released in the next few weeks. It’s a way to say thanks for the constant support. Soon you will be able to play kotor2 TSLRCM with RoR PC alien heads. That’s all for now,

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Fix Patch 1.0 RoR Demo

Fix Patch 1.0 RoR Demo

Aug 21, 2011 Patch 26 comments

Fix Patch 1.0 for Revenge of Revan Demo (Beta) Version 1.0 Changes - Fixed bug where there is sometimes a break in dlg when you are controlling Uldir...

Revenge of Revan Demo (Beta)

Revenge of Revan Demo (Beta)

Aug 14, 2011 Demo 79 comments

Revenge of Revan Demo (Beta) 1.08 gigs Zip (1.99 gigs unzip) The mod is a sequel to The Knights of the Old Republic 2 (Sith Lords). The game takes place...

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Starwarsfan8 Aug 11 2013, 12:13am says:

Will Taris be in the game?

The rakghouls have been pretty popular and have been able to evolve in several EU works. Should we expect to see a decimated Taris where the players can land their ship straight on the Taris surface which is now the Undercity, and fight evolved Rakghouls, maybe even face some mad jedi or Sith Sorcerers. There is also the fact that Taris was the site of a very significant battle in the Mandalorian wars, as well as the Knights of the Old Republic comics. I think its a must have for the mod.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Starwarsfan8 Aug 5 2013, 12:31am says:

Hey Logan, I asked you this question a while ago, you did answer it and I know you might not be able to do it due to modding restrictions. It was about adding Zabrak heads to the game, couldn't you simple alter Bao-dur's head in size, and add different colors for each head, at least yellow, orange, and red. Just a suggestion.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Starwarsfan8 Aug 2 2013, 3:30am says:

I know you have your own idea for the story. But would it be possible to have the PC go through the Jedi Trials, its never really been tried before in the other Kotor Games.

+3 votes     reply to comment
logan23 Creator
logan23 Aug 9 2013, 9:37am replied:

I agree, seeing a trails for a future Jedi would be great to see in a game but there won't be any actual Formal ones in RoR. It's more like learn on the job experience for the Pc.

+3 votes   reply to comment
Starwarsfan8 Aug 9 2013, 2:52pm replied:

Thank you for the replies, its been very informative. It makes me happy that your so devoted to completing the mod, despite how others would have given up way before now. I just wonder what the are benefits of having a high influence on companions. Because the fun of having high influence with the companions in Kotor II was to be able to ask your companions certain questions or upgrading them to a new class, but knowing your approach I am assuming you will try something new, probably something that ties in to the Trust system. But
are there more benefits to having high influence with your companions other then more dialogue choices and possibly class upgrades. Like new side quests or special items?

+2 votes     reply to comment
Starwarsfan8 Jul 31 2013, 6:06pm says:

I can speak for the fans when say we want an update. Something to indicate that the mod is still going. Quick question, will Lehon (The homeworld of the Rakata Empire) be included in this mod, I read the Darth Bane books and it would be interesting to see Darth Revan's holocron which is hidden in the temple. Also it would be a nice nod to the first game. Also if this mod is never finished, will you at least tell the fans the history behind the Eye of the Force?

+2 votes     reply to comment
logan23 Creator
logan23 Aug 9 2013, 9:36am replied:

Lehon will not be in the game. One large reason is because there is nothing in kotor2 assets/maps which could mimic the planet's wildlife.
I wish i could say what the eye of the force is,..but then it would be a spoiler. =(
I'm really hoping and wanting to get you guys an update by the end of august.

+4 votes   reply to comment
ElfFriend Aug 13 2013, 1:38pm replied:

Why can't you use KotOR assets? Every Star Wars related asset was owned by Lucas Arts while they existed, now I'm guessing they're likely owned by either EA or Disney. At least that's based on a article that I read on Moddb about a year or two ago.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Miriped Jul 27 2013, 9:47pm says:

Ive been a hopeful fan of this mod since it was but a rumor. I made an account for the sake of this mod. Ive wanted an overhaul of KoToR II for a few years, since the game came out but that last one they made, cant remember its name, was extremely disappointing. I thank you for taking a chance to create this. Many things could have happened, it could have been hated, loved, whatever but you did it anyway and I envy the love you put into this amazing overhaul. I never made an account on here because nothing quite took my fancy. Can you do me, and the community a favor and never drop this mod, at least until completetion? When the first demo came out I thought it was going to be short and sweet but it was actually very enticing and left me with a sense of worry(your former master "betraying" you.) It was dark and mysterious and you do star wars a compliment with this project. I wont lie or exaggerate when i say id buy a completed version for double of that "The Old Republic". I cant wait to see where this goes but like me, all your fans are here backing you up. i may seem too excited but to me, this is the biggest mod success Ive ever played. You surpassed all my expectations and then some. I have but one question. Has there been any updates to this version of the beta? The last time I played your mod, it ended with your master allegedy betraying you and your order and some escape from custody i think o.o

+3 votes     reply to comment
Guest Jul 12 2013, 2:05pm says:

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