Revamp Expansion Mod (RVE) A Supreme Commander 2 Complete Overhaul / Total Conversion Mod

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Its great.

Great mod. Makes game as good as the the first one.

amazing mod! cant wait for its release :P

A fantastic and well rounded mod that truly extends the life of Supreme Commander by adding tons of new units, buildings, and other content. If you ever enjoyed Supreme Commander you must give this mod a try.

A great mod. Keep up the good work.

Overall: This mod is MINDBLOWING. Not only has a small group managed to port countless, perfectly textured units from sc1 to sc2, despite the game being difficult to mod, but they now create new, ingenious, expertly designed and coded units that are being implanted into the game, and have been for the past 1.5 years. I myself am starting to mod, and in that process, I have posted triple the number of threads started by anybody else combined. And I have only scratched the surface of what the revamp team has done, and continues to do.

I highly doubt that I will ever encounter another mod that is made so well by such a skilled team with such a hard-to-work-with game. Supcom2 is not supcom2 without this mod included. Great job, and of course, keep up the good (phenonemnal) work!

a great improvement over the vanilla game

The most epic and large scale mod for Supreme commander 2 up to date :)

The perfect union between SC and SC2.


Best mod for Supreme commander 2! :D

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