Revamp Expansion Mod (RVE) A Supreme Commander 2 Complete Overhaul / Total Conversion Mod

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Amazing!! A defo must for any strategy lover. Nothing but constant updates and improvements. Revamp team deserve a medal :)....................................

Amazing mod, great addition of content and reasonably well balanced. Fixes many of the issues that made the base game bad, and delivering some of the Supreme commander Forged Alliance experience, while still keeping the features that made SC2 better.


Teh-Losr says

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this is sparta

Top ten battle madness game.

This is a great mod that adds a huge amount of content to Supreme commander 2 my one gripe is the huge research costs, other than that this mod is perfect.


Doesn't work. Keeps crashing to desktop after a few seconds ingame. I can't build more then 4 or 5 mass extractors before it crashes so I can't use/test anything that should be theoratically in this mod contained written in the description.
So I have no choice but to rate this with just 1/10.

I really like this mod. it adds tons of units, but most of the time the game will end before you get to the later units just because of the insane research cost.Its a good mod but i cant seem to get as much enjoyment from it as i thought. And the images for the mod misrepresent what is in the mod at the moment.

Extraordinary Art work, just beyond amateur mods. They deserve their own game.

As I previously said, I've actually bought a game just to play this mod. Being an enormous, long-term effort to merge vision of the first Supreme Commander with second installation's technological and conceptual improvements, RVE project truly deserves to be renowned as the #1 mod af all time. Making a good mod for a good game is hard. Making a mod that breathes life into game that was considered dead is just epic. And no small issues can ever change that. With main release in place, UnitPort addon being rolled out, and 1.2 update along the way to get the game even closer to original vision, it is clear that RVE managed to achieve such an ambitious goal.

P.S. Let's hope someone will be able to hook into map list embedding mechanism in SC2 executable. With RVE in the field, a variety of maps is the last thing we're missing.

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