Revamp Expansion Mod (RVE) A Supreme Commander 2 Complete Overhaul / Total Conversion Mod

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Because the game did not receive any official updates, this Mod is everything that we wanted! So amazing !

This is a mod that I waited for like 7 years.
I am very pleased to see such a great work done with one of my favorite game.

It really feels like the first game and even better. There are new units and more intense fights! I swear it has added more hours of enjoyment to this never old game.

best mod out for this game.
If you like the first and secound supcom, this mod is for you!

IT ******* WOOOORKED!!!!! OMFG !!!! SO AWESOME!!!! THE BEST MOD OVER 4,5 BILLION YEARS !!!!! IF I HAD MONEY I WOULD DONATE YOU.... KEEP THE WORK ON,it's flawless......o m f g....

well thought out so far. I realy like that the game takes more than ten min, to play a match. The AI is acully a challange. love the new modles. All around great mod

This mod single handedly turned SupCom 2 into a worthy sequel to the original Supreme Commander games.



Perfect mod which is combination of old SC and new SC2.
still few bugs remaining and balance isn't ready but enough to fill old user's will.


matvey19101433120128 says

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i am god game good mod
Fashion buggy outside elements so that more careful with the mod!
(Мод содержит ошибки нерабочие элементы так что поаккуратней с модом!)

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