Revamp Expansion Mod (RVE) A Supreme Commander 2 Complete Overhaul / Total Conversion Mod

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great mod! actually the best mod for supcom2 so far.

The best mod! =D =P XD

perfect! this turn the choby supreme commander 2 to a real future war of COOL mechs and huge units

Perfect mod for the game, exactly what it needed in my opinion. Solves the dilemma of having to choose between SF's overall "Muchness" or SupCom2's smoother graphics and other new features quite nicely.

This is mod is clearly well thought out in broad spectrum, not just particles, not just units, not just tech - it is OVERALL a better game than original. Fantastic to say the least. great work

This mod brings to the table, over 100+ new/old units and makes this game 100% more enjoyable. I have had epic battles now, that are on scale i had never thought imaginable. From the bottom of my gamer heat, OverRated I thank you. :)


Great mod!

This mod makes supreme commander 2 the best rts of all time. I thought supreme commander 2 was okay before, but now it is utterly amazing. I use Mod Support, Revamp, Balance mod, and Unit port. It's fantastic. The main problem I have with it is that whenever I use a catalyst in multiplayer, It says "Desync" and I'm forced to end the multiplayer game.

Such a perfect mod. My friend and I love playing this multiplayer, as it makes the game about 10x better. A must have mod for anyone who wants long, epic battles and a huge tech tree! (I also love how the old units are back. PERCIES!!!)

Yes this is a prefect mod for supcom fans absolute must have m

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