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Although Revamp's navy units won't (probably) make it to the first beta, due to excessive amount of units already in need of completion, I would like to ask some things about the navy and hopefully get some feedback from our community !

Posted by leosake on Aug 12th, 2012

So here we go:1) Would you like to see naval-specific airforce units ?Which means that aircraft carriers and heli-carriers, are able to produce all the land produced air units, but also some air units UNIQUE to them (only being able to be produced from these vessels and not from air factories)...Something like the current navy forces are doing, for examample the U.S. Navy does not use blackhawks most of the time, instead it uses SeaKnights and Sea Dragons...

2) Utility in T2 vessels
Which means, battleships/vessels, that have dual purpose, something like the Science vessel I already designed for UEF, with some examples like:
* Submersible Destroyer - when submerged it has torpedoes and travels faster
- when floated it has AA cruise missiles and other systems
* Deployable Defensive Platforms - A vessel that doesnt have anything special to defend itself, unless it unpacks to a floating defensive platform
* Economic support vessels - floating mass generator ships floating research points generators (like the science vessel of the UEF), floating energy generators.....
and stuff like that.....

Thanks for your comments and critiques in advance...

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Kestral2 Aug 12 2012, 9:52pm says:

Number gives more strategy to protecting your carriers so they can give better options and variety for those who guard them. I like option 1.

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Hollownerox Aug 12 2012, 10:29pm says:

All the features you stated seem reasonable. The current naval strategy is pretty much, "whoever has the highest tech and most boats wins" type of thing. So bringing in more variability will increase the strategy needed to play. I especially like the idea of deployable naval units, would be neat making a blockade with them. With that said, is it possible to have naval troop carriers? I know there's plenty of air craft that can transport troops, but there are matches where air units are excluded so having the ability to transport troops over water would be nice.

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leosake Author
leosake Aug 13 2012, 11:42am replied:

Interesting idea...I have to talk with OverRated first to see if something like that is code-able...

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Guest Feb 8 2013, 2:56pm replied:

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supcomrocks Aug 12 2012, 10:32pm says:

i think that the aircraft carriers should build the land air units from the tier before it along with special naval units of the same tier. Things like anti sub gunships and high speed high damage and splash low health interceptors to kill bomber and gunships but are poor in the open battlefield. and i think the the multi role should be faction specific so not all destroyers should submerge and also will all cybran ships walk, if so make them so their good at it and can serve a similar function that they would on the sea along with a research to build naval factories on land. i think the floating eco should be on non front line ships like aircraft carriers so i don't have to send my eco into combat and also this will open it up to spamming if they're super cheap< and if shields are really expensive they will be far less use full
thank you

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leosake Author
leosake Aug 13 2012, 11:45am replied:

not all Cybran ships will be able to walk on land...I'm already working on a submersible battleship ;)

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supcomrocks Aug 13 2012, 1:34pm replied:

epic win

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Res_Novae Aug 13 2012, 8:36pm replied:

Oh god, please tell me you saw my concept.

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leosake Author
leosake Aug 13 2012, 9:25pm replied:

send it over to me in a message :)

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Schnitzel_Truck Aug 12 2012, 10:50pm says:

some special aircraft carrier built units may be cool. Though im not sure what kind of naval air units you could make besides torpedo bombers. There already are fighter and bombers, so i dont think there need to be naval specific fighters.

I like deployable defenses, nice to be able to move the defensive line when its current position is not needed.

I agree with supcomrocks about how some of these features youve listed should be faction specific. dont want every faction having the same kind of abilities.

as long as the aeon get a nice true navy i will be happy. anything else you can surprise me with will just make me love the mod more.

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leosake Author
leosake Aug 13 2012, 11:48am replied:

Thanks for your nice words...
To answer to your post, the naval specific airforce might be the same role/class with the land produced one but have different stats...for example the naval airforce might have a fighter aswell, but the naval produced one might be cheaper, faster built, faster firing weapons, but really close ranged weaponry ! There are many variables to count for !

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Schnitzel_Truck Aug 13 2012, 4:32pm replied:

ok, as long as the naval air unit stats are different enough from land-made air units then im all for it.

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GhostEdge Aug 13 2012, 2:19am says:

All of them sound good.

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Rossky Aug 13 2012, 3:12am says:

i would go with 3 ... damn theres no way chose the right i mean aircraft carriers are awsome units with powerful strategic option but who would say no to battleships and the new vessels!? damn ... i go with 2

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Shockmatter Aug 13 2012, 4:07am says:

I agree with FlyingPancakes, they all sound good to me. Especially that unique unit idea

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Durog25 Aug 13 2012, 6:34am says:

1. Is a great idea, though some standard air vehicles should not be allowed on certain carriers e.g. T3 Strategic bombers. However allowing specialised naval superiority aircraft to be build-able just from carriers would add a new layer of depth, I would love to see some dive bombers or bombers carrying and shipping missiles.

2. Sounds like an interesting idea. Having some unique faction specific multirole vessels as well as unique variants on designs that everyone has. Just keep things diverse, we don't want two people having submersible destroyers but giving the cybran an amphibious air craft carrier would be cool.

3. Deployable ships sounds really cool, mobile anti shipping artillery or torpedo defences.

4. Ships that fill another role which is economic has some real possibilities, I like it.

Some great ideas for the navy guys. I'm liking what you are thinking.

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Mr.Defender Aug 13 2012, 9:45am says:

I like them all, i think this mod can only get better!!! :D

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MrAzuryZ Aug 13 2012, 9:55am says:

I would like to see a UEF Submergable Dreadnaught thing that is like an EXP unit, but it is like a Battleship but can be submerged for resnable Stealth, but it is slower underwater and has no torpedos just a massive arsenal for Naval warfare.

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Zsombi Aug 13 2012, 12:12pm says:

1) Yes, I think it would be interesting to have air units like that, though just like like Schnitzel_Truck said, there are already more or less dedicated fighters, bombers, etc. so there's nothing much these specal air units could do better.

2) Using any unit that normally can't do anything, but when unpacks into a stationary mode then can do good stuff, I like that. I like it better, if the unpacking is not permanent, but it can also re-pack and go somewhere else.
* Through research the Cybrans get to move their ships on land, I always thought it would be good to have some kind of building or the naval factory to be built on land after another research perhaps.
* What would be good in having economic vessels? I'd rather have a research for some buildings to allow them to be built on water...
* Though, support vessels might be good, for example: shield generator for UEF, or stealth/cloak for Cybran or something like that...

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leosake Author
leosake Aug 13 2012, 9:29pm replied:

the science vessel (for UEF)has a shield generator if upgraded ;)
as for the first part, I ensure you (and all the rest guys that share this thinking) that two dedicated fighter airplanes could differ A-L-O-T, even if they have the same goal/purpose....
lets get an example, the land based air superiority fighter might have a really good radar, and long range missiles, and could most probably kill the naval version before it can retaliate...but the naval one has quick speed and more damage,so if it's used correctly it can outgun the land based one...

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Igncom1 Aug 13 2012, 9:18pm says:

1. I like the idea, but I am not sure about naval unit producing normal land based aircraft, in the same way most real life carriers cannot carry heavy aircraft like the bigger jumbo jets and such large aircraft.

I would love to see most carrier based aircraft being weaker then land build ones, especially due to most mobile factory building times and costs. Any uniqueness to them would just be good gravy, like torpedo bombers or anti-sub gunships....or zeppelins...;)

2. More choices are always good, and more versatility in a faction navy is always good. And I would love to see a aquatic economy, and the ability to move on the ocean is essential if two fleets will be dodging each others long range missiles and such.


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leosake Author
leosake Aug 13 2012, 9:30pm replied:

the lighter aircraft idea is quite plausible and possible too :D

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Rtys8 Aug 14 2012, 6:42am says:

Given the fact that Aeon land tanks float,why not naval that makes aeon tanks fast?

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Igncom1 Aug 14 2012, 6:50am replied:

Or Aeon tank carriers?

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leosake Author
leosake Aug 14 2012, 7:05am replied:

The "Tempest" will do that...

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Rtys8 Aug 14 2012, 10:10am says:

Except the original Tempest was a artillery naval boat maker.

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leosake Author
leosake Aug 15 2012, 5:28am replied:

and I don't see the difference in my sayings... I said that it will produce naval units...and since some tanks are hover, it MIGHT produce some of them aswell....

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Rtys8 Aug 15 2012, 7:21am replied:

Actually, inversely, why not add a research for the Aeon to give their boats the ability to move on land like the Cybran, albeit slower,since it was demonstrated that compared to legs and treads, the hovering technology was slightly not so fast.

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Igncom1 Aug 15 2012, 12:41pm replied:

That would leave the UEF with a kind of bum-deal, and seeing as Aeon ships currently have teleportation.

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leosake Author
leosake Aug 15 2012, 5:13pm replied:


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Cingularity Aug 14 2012, 2:02pm says:

I love the idea of moving your entire base to the sea... essentially possible with floating mass generators and research facilities in addition to the unit-producers. Everything mentioned in the post I give a huge +1 million. However, you guys are doing this mod right and taking your time, so just stay with it and know that you have already done an awesome job.

Looking forward to the release!

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DStroy98 Aug 14 2012, 3:47pm says:

I like the idea of deploable defence platforms.......

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DStroy98 Aug 14 2012, 3:49pm says:

Could you instead of missing one units out, just save up for 1 massive relese without missing any posted uints out? also reading othewr comments. i REALLY like a cybran upgarde to build the navy on land :P

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0ss Aug 18 2012, 10:21am says:

yes to both! and yes to Hollownerox transport ships!

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DrMac Aug 24 2012, 3:55pm says:

Unique unite would be good, otherwise just have one thing to build them.

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Zataku Aug 30 2012, 12:56pm says:

honestly, A LOT can be added to the naval aspect of SC2. I mean, look at TA. They had entire bases that could be built on water, and the Core and the Arm were just at home fighting on all water maps as they were on land. Also, the naval AI needs a substantial beef-up in terms of area owned and structures built. My Dad plays this game as well, and often times, all it takes is one nuke to completely ruin a naval AI's day and render it useless with no counters available.

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VOLKSCULT Dec 27 2012, 5:56pm says:

I know this tread is old but i have to say something about.

1.) I love the idea of a "mobile" naval Base ( deployable defense platforms, energy and mass producing ships and stuff like this)

2.) In my eyes that will bring an old problem. and yes we talk many times about it now and i know there is a problem with copyrights etc. but ... we need new maps for a big navy. And i will pray to all gods if it help to find a way to make that possible ;)

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