Revamp Expansion Mod (RVE) A Supreme Commander 2 Complete Overhaul / Total Conversion Mod

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Noodlees Apr 13 2013 says:

Personnally id have thought it would have been btter with the cybran.

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Ahrimansiah Apr 14 2013 replied:

Spider? definitely cybran design for their units...
the only faction that take their design inspiration from insect/animals in whole SC series was always cybrans, i never saw Aeons or UEF had any unit with insect design.

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Flutterstrom Apr 13 2013 says:

I would say that it would do a great job as an Cybran scout

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supcomrocks Apr 13 2013 says:

i know that isn't a supcom 2 model, but my god that's pretty kick @$$

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Klinkhammer Apr 13 2013 says:

make the three bubbles on its back rapidfire tml´s and you got a badass cybran or aeon siege unit...

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Stylo Apr 13 2013 says:

Amazing job as always mate! ^^

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Res_Novae Apr 13 2013 says:

Although I may be a hard Cybran player, I've gotta say that this should be Aeon. It looks Cybran in colour scheme only, the design is way more Aeon then Cybran. Much too rounded to be a Cybran unit.

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VOLKSCULT Apr 13 2013 says:

Nice one !!! And yes, it would be cool for the Aeon, maybe a T4/T5 siege exp ?? Simply like the "Sentinel" with the same weapon like in FA ;)

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kgocb001 Apr 14 2013 says:

Well for me it's more Cybran that Aeon. I guess the design is inconclusive.

However knowing that a 3 factions cooperate after SC:FA I think that it can be Cybran or Aeon alike (maybe joint project adopted to one side after completion).

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IMAZOMBIE358 Apr 14 2013 replied:

that is something worthy of thought...if all three factions were at peace for a good 10 years, why the hell didnt they have joint projects?

thatd be a nice way to solve all the "it looks more this faction that that" problems.

now that i look at it those legs make it look like something that can jump great distances or crawl up walls and mountains

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yavuztezcan Apr 14 2013 says:

I dont think like "all legged units must be Cybran" and this unit has aeon spirit with circle shapes good job

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Ahrimansiah Apr 14 2013 replied:

its not about legs dude...
Cybran are always known for their insect/animal like units, thats the way cybran make their designs.

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drogon223 Sep 7 2013 replied:

you ever played supcom 1 most cybran units were tracked tanks they had like only a few walkers excluding their experimentals

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IMAZOMBIE358 Apr 14 2013 says:

how about you post both cybran and aeon versions, so then we can better choose what it works better for.

as of now, as an aeon unit it seems like some kind of xp regeneration field generator. like an alternative shield that instead of deflecting, it gives off a nanobot cloud that repairs any units within its aoe.

as a cybran unit, a unit that instead of capturing, cloaks itself with the image of a unit, enemy or ally, and can detonate. like a kamikaze mirage unit.

seeing how its a spider, it could actually be some kind of cloakable light transport for either faction. thatd really make omni-sensors twice as useful.

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Rtys8 Apr 14 2013 replied:


A.You would get the same problem with the Bodabom Armor Booster unit right now.

Useless if stacked anyway ,useless if not.
Ether way,this stat is useless in the big picture.

(Even stacking this won't really mitigate things.....In this game where DPS gets crazy,the only protection is HP/Sheilds and more HP/Sheilds.)

B.We have those walking grenades a while back already,dont we?

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Rtys8 Apr 14 2013 says:

Hmm.... for whether it is worth altering....

I did have some ideas how it might be,but is there a slot for this in XPs?

I think it's much better as a mass produced unit,given it's design.



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Rtys8 Apr 14 2013 replied:

and of course, if UEF:

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leosake Author
leosake Apr 14 2013 says:

I want to jump in the conversation just to clarify a few things here and there :)
1st) this unit was not designed for the mod, this is why I asked if you guys would like to see it altered for the mod, as part of an Aeon unit, since it reminded me of the good ol' Sentinel that I used to like... Thus it means that it is NOT going to be a Cybran or a UEF unit (if it is indeed going ingame at some point). And the reason is that despite it being a spider walker, I wouldn't like a unit of this shape to be used with the Cybran forces (let alone the UEF) The reason I believe makes you think it fits for the Cybran is the color scheme it has which is quite reminiscent of the Cybran scheme...

That being said If you guys like it, I will spent some time on tim and alter it here and there to make it viable igame, and the idea that I have for its weapons is those three circles on top open as hatches and AA weapons are revealed from within (sort of the old Aeon Tempest experimental)

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KonaTek Apr 14 2013 says:

this thing should be small, like terror drone in red alert. raping anything in its sight.

if this an xp unit, then we have more spider xp in the game. monkeylord and that, like spider man (monkylord) and venom (that thing)...

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VhwatGoes Apr 15 2013 replied:

Or completely oversized, and able to skate on water...

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VOLKSCULT Apr 16 2013 says:

I think about this one:

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Tucsok2575 Nov 20 2013 says:

i think its kind of a mismatch: the insectiod look screams for it to be a cybran unit, but as of now, with such rounded shapes, it suits the aeon better.

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NyanDesu Jan 26 2014 says:

This automatically reminds me of Mario 64. xD

+1 vote     reply to comment
DanteSoulEater Jun 3 2015 says:

I absolutely HATE spiders, but i have to say, this thing is badass... just keep it away from me...

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I did this model today for a project of mine, and when I sat down and saw it finished, I thought that it might be looking good with an Aeon theme on it, and several alterations here and there... It kind of reminds me that good looking Aeon model from an FA mod named "Sentinel"...

What do you guys thing, is it worth the try to alter it?

Apr 13th, 2013
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