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The Cybrans/Genaral factions as I see them in the current Revamp mod, and how I feel they should be improved. (Games : Supreme Commander 2 : Mods : Revamp Expansion Mod (RVE) : Forum : Mod Ideas and Concepts : The Cybrans/Genaral factions as I see them in the current Revamp mod, and how I feel they should be improved.) Locked
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Oct 14 2012 Anchor

The Cybran nation is the most advanced nation of all of the human civilizations, using an assortment of advanced and tricky technology to bridge the gap in between their fragile assault bots, planes, and walking ships and the more stalwart forces of the UEF and Aeon Illuminate.

Cybran land forces consisting of mainly assault bots are generally much faster and more damaging then their opponents, giving them the ability to rush into and do terrible damage to the enemy within a moments notice, however being assault bots means that their forces are also quite fragile and are thus quite susceptible to emey fire.

Cybran land forces Strengths:
* Versatile with their unit comparison, having units do multiple jobs at once.
* Fast and deadly.
* Have a large number of sneaky and powerful ability's that help them overcome the shortcomings of their design.
* Have a wide set of useful experimental's, from the numerous and effective megalith, to the powerhouse spider bot, even units like the Bomb bouncer is a highly effective assault unit, with its cheap mega blast destroying units right through their shields.

Cybran land forces Weaknesses:
* Higher costing bots over tanks makes cybran forces more expensive to produce, but this was expected.
* A lack of tanking units often makes it harder for cybran units to get into position and do what they need to (Unit formations are also a problem with shields taking position at the rear of formations, protecting few units in the process.)

Cybran land force suggestions?:
* Give the Cybran a few beefier units to soak up damage.

Cybran Air forces are an extremely powerful set of forces, like all Supreme commander air forces able to take up any position of the battlefield, with a unbelievable amount of defense, Cybran and Illiminate fighter bombers are particuarly effective to the point where they are often the only units you actually need in a game.

Cybran Air Force Strengths:
* Mobility and speed.
* A effective combo of units allowing the player to focus on the tasks as hand over the comparison of his/her force.
* A impressive amount of HP that can often only be dealt with by advanced AA defenses, even making smaller air forces of opponents worthless.

Cybran Air Force Weaknesses:
* Few to no ability's of the units, making them seem to be very distinct from most Cybran units.
* Very straightforward air experimentals, powerful but rather boring.
* Totally overpowered against anything but a well fortified base, and extremely east to spam.

Cybran Air force Suggestions?:
* Decrese aircraft HP by 75% but make them generally mush faster then their equivalent level AA, making the most effective remedy for them is an counter air force.
* Diversify the choices of Air units by including more Cybran like special weapons and ability's.

The Cybran Navy is a unique selection of of amphibious war ships with an impressive amount of direct bombardment weaponry, strong AA weaponry and the addition of a jump jet ability, with good overall base for their entire navy in the destroyer and the bigger battleship the Cybran nay is as effective on land as it is in the water, with their jump jets bridging gaps in passable terrain also allows them to get as or even more mobile then Illuminate forces.

Cybran Navy Strengths:
* Mobility.
* Dumb fire bombardment.
* AA weaponry.

Cybran Navy Weaknesses:
* Dealing with tanks, particularly on land.
* Shooting down tac missiles.
* Few ability's, and is a very direct force when compared to their land forces.
* A terrible experimental.

Cybran Navy Suggestions?:
* A more diverse set of everything.
* A multitude of smaller and more short ranged weapons for close engagements with tanks and ships.
* More ability's and unique weapons.
* Better and improved experimental, possibly in a similar vein to the land based ones.

Extra: You may have noticed that I didn't mention the classic units much, this is due to how they currently compare to vanilla units, with in the end only clasic buildings being fully superior and worth the purchase.

Have a good day.

Cybran Structures/Overall Structures are a good mix of facility's for defending one's base and inflicting impressive barrages on enemy forces and installations, However their effects are often so simple to implement and protect that they often override the need for army's at all.

Points to consider:
* Shields in particular are massively powerful to the point where only specialized units are able to besiege them, this makes them very powerful but lacking the need for power to supply them means that there is never a reason to not build these structures, often making bases impenetrable.
* Artillery are highly effective at eliminating enemy army's and bases from range, but over the recent years I have become tired of seeing games derailed by the game of 'who can build more artillery' and seeing as their original purpose is to eliminate enemy army's, and not enemy bases they often can become so ridiculously powerful that the idea of attacking with surface forces is pointless.
* Silos are a extremely effective and costly structure that one unlocked allows Cybran and UEF players to fire tactical missiles and use strategic missiles, but due to the powerful effect of anti-nukes it can often become hard to see the worth of their cost.
* Prototype defenses seem to be an oddity to me, their power seems to come from being able to attack both air and surface targets, but also being equipped with a personal shield and a rapid fire AOE attack, these omni defenses seem to defy the point of other defenses once built, and can only be countered by out ranging them.

* Increase the spread of a shields cover but decree their shields HP by 80%, equip them with a cost to operate or recharge the shield, and prevent them from making bases invulnerable to even nuclear attacks.
* Reduce heavy artillery's range to cover less then half the map, requiring players to build forward positions in order to bombard enemy bases, give them a power cost to firing in order to prevent their massing without a proper economy.
* Separate the missile silos from the strategic missiles, to allow players to use the tactical missiles the fire, either decrease their research cost or improve the destructiveness of nukes to increase their worth against well defended targets, possibly allow players to unlock experimental nukes as a game ending weapon for destroying half the map, requiring many anti-missiles to shot down but with an extreme (But reasonable) cost.
* Remove prototype defenses, or separate them into more logical replacements.

Feb 14 2013 Anchor

You're about to rework a whole faction and also increasing the level of player effort quite a significant amount. Make this an optional for players of the Cybran, or make a whole new faction, like a branch of the cybran if that is even possible...

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