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masterx285 Ryzuke
May 10 2013 Anchor

i love this mod. im making a balance mod for the current revamp mod. i would like feed back because i would like to release it for other people enjoyment.
1 everything will be changed to make the factions more unique.for example
the uef will start with more mass. there mass extractors with no veteran will give 2.5 mass and leveled up will be 10.(the other factions start with 1.0 mass and leveled up is 8.0) the illuminate will give more research pionts. there research station will give 1.5 research.(the other factions start with 0.8)the cybran will start with more energy. there energy generators will give 10 while the other factions are 3.6.
-yenzo.the yenzo tank will have increased speed and range but will have lower health. i feel like they should be qiucker because there armor looks light wieght.
- shotja. increase damage and range to make it more of a sniper bot. decrease rate of fire.
- harvog increase damage in aa and normal shots.increase range. reduce health
-rock head decrease range. increase damage. decrease speed. increase health.
-titan assault bot. increase range decrease damage increase health
demolisher increase damage. reduce health and speed
p-shield decrease shield health.
-loyalist increase rate of fire. decrease damage and range. increase health
-adapter decrease shield health increase aa range

there will be many more changes these just are the ones i have done and have been successful. they will be changes to make the factions very unique. the illuminate have the strongest shields.the cybran have the best aa. and the uef have the best air force.there will be many more stuff.this will be updated when new changes arrive. please give me feedback to see what i can change and give me ideas i want to make the perfect balanced supreme commander for every one to enjoy. i know the guys have there balance but this is my first step to modding and i really want to know what others think

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May 10 2013 Anchor

First of all, I'd like to congratulate you for taking the steps to start a supcom2 mod. Though you may not be doing anything too complicated yet, I think you'll be suprised by how much you learn in such a short period of time. I now I am still absorbing new facts about modding this game every day.

I will add new ideas as my mind wanders across them, but the first thing I'd like to contribute is the concept of balancing experimentals. I had a nice long conversation with Markth today about experimentals in supcom2, and to get to the point of it, experimentals, even with the balance mod, are still way to underrated. In supcom one, the idea was to make sure your opponent(s) didn't get an experimental. In supcom2, you can destroy experimentals very easily. Therefore, I suggest that you increase experimentals' power even more than before. I will be doing this with my own mod as well, but not all people may want the extra changes that I make, therefore, this change of balance is just as relevant to your mod even if it is in mine!

Make sure that if you have any questions, to visit the mod help forums! My mod help threads outnumber all the other threads three to one, and I'm not too terribly proud of that number. Also, I have no problem acting like I'm knowledgeable about supcom2 :) . Really, though, me and, I'm sure, Overrated would be happy to help if you need it. Good luck, and I'll try to suggest a couple other things as well!


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May 10 2013 Anchor

We made the experimentals as strong as we could with out going over SC2's 5 digit eco counter see if we had made them like FA they would of took around 15min to build and had a cost over the counter size of SC2 so you wouldnt of been able to see how much mass or energy you needed it would of be stuck on 99999 all the time and people wouldn't complain about it.


masterx285 Ryzuke
May 11 2013 Anchor

thanks for all the support and as for EP i will be taking into account alot of factors like economy and the faction its self. one balance is im going to be increasing the over all effectiveness of the ac-1000 gunship. the uef are supposed to have the best air but in the current state they are the weakest air experimental by far. be assured that the expirementals will be similar to the ones in the original supcom. since experimentals are such a big factor in the game i will take longer time to balance and test them to make sure they are just right. so my main focus will be the classical units and the supcom vanilla units. thanks for all the suggestions and i will update the thread when new info is available

Jul 26 2013 Anchor

I reached a dilemma trying to reduce the research cost inflation of high teched units.

If research is so easy to acquire,no wonder we have to inflate those high tech units!
But at the same time, i don't think we can pay over 99 points,even if we can get something to costs more than that.

Jul 26 2013 Anchor

You can pay over 99 but as you know the UI wont show the cost so it a waste of time, But ill give you just a idea what the RVE tree will have it will have unlocks before you can build say a T5 unit a single icon that will need to be unlocked before any units are.


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